Idea for Enduring Healing Spheres glyph

I know that it affects BrM GotOx spheres, I think it affects MW mastery GotS spheres, and it obviously affects the standard healing spheres, but what if the glyph were altered to Enduring Spheres in general? It would make WW chi/energy spheres last longer so you can use tem when needed if that situation arises. And for those few BrM monks who use the dps 2 set for whatever reason (for me it's because I have dps main/heals off, and switch to BrM if my guild needs me to) and they can use those spheres when needed as well. I think I woul make a semi-attractive glyph more attractive.

Side note: on BrM's using dps 2 set, how bad is it? Like I said my situation is that I use BrM spec as an off-off spec since I mainly dps/heal. I've read somewhere that it's a bad idea but I see a lot of people doing it anyways (who knows? Mayb they're like me an have a dps main spec with no tank tier pieces.)

Thoughts on this glyph idea?
Sitting in the break room at work thinkin about wow and this just popped into my head. Lol

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