Race changing to Tauren

I believe the answer is whenever they activate 4.0.3a which is when the Cataclysm happens and will be pre-launch. But the actual date is unknown.
MMMM Beefadin.

So gud.
I don't think people realize how bad War Stomp really is. Blood Elves are way better than Tauren.
I don't want to race change because of WS, I want to race change to be a Tauren.
I'm not race changing because I think Tauren are better than blood elf... I just don't like anything about being a blood elf. It's just personal taste for me, and Tauren animations are much better than the blood elves (in my opinion). Would still like a blue (if they're allowed to say anything on the matter) to confirm when exactly the race change will be available.
I personally think the same, the only thing Tauren are going to be used for as Pallys is a great PvP monster machine in WG to actually let us win. But otherwise, i feel as if i should have been a less... 'Animal' race?

Personally I think they made a awesome choice with the cows..er tauren. Orcs, undead, trolls, and goblins don't fit the role of a paladin (IMHO), but hell I may be wrong :)
Tauren>Blood elves

I'd rather be a giant, lovable oaf than some mana addict.

Though, i doubt i'll ever go tauren because i love my tabard and i prob wont be on pally much cuz i like Gob DK on beta :_(

I love my female Tauren paladin on Beta.

Go go Wigglylight.
Tauren will be fabulous, but it's kind of hopping on the bandwagon.
Can't you just be proud of your original race?
Tauren will be fabulous, but it's kind of hopping on the bandwagon.
Can't you just be proud of your original race?

I would think no sooner than a fair amount of folks get to 85.
I personally hope a lot of horde change to tauren... I personally hope the baddies who rolled pally in wotlk will switch classes... vanilla and tbc palain vets only please!
I have a tauren premade pally on beta but eh, I was going to, but then i realized that i'll miss my arcane torrent to much :0
I'm definitely changing, after having had been a BE for ~2+ years.
Time to get rid of my pointy, floppy ears, and exchange them for hooves.
Blood elves are terrible---only race in the game where the gender options are "female" and "even more female". I cannot wait to race switch to cow. Pretty sure I saw a dev post somewhere saying that you could do it in 4.0.3a.
BE 4 life!

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