[H] Niflheim US-Malfurion Recruiting for Cata

Guild Recruitment
Niflheim is building its raiding roster for Cataclysm 10s and 25s. We're new to Malfurion and looking for experienced raiders to join our ranks. Most of the original members come from humble backgrounds, however in Cataclysm we will be plowing through content and achievements. Our aim is not to be a top 100 guild in the world, but we're interested in progressing and getting awesome gear and awards.

We are always interested in exceptional candidates regardless of class, so please feel free to apply.

High Priority Recruitment
Warrior - Protection
Warrior - DPS


Shaman - Enhance


Priest - Holy
Priest - Shadow

Paladin - Protection
Paladin - Holy


Druid - Feral DPS
Druid - Feral Tank
Druid - Restoration

Death Knight - DPS

Low Priority Recruitment
Shaman - Restoration
Shaman - Elemental

Priest - Shadow

Paladin - Retribution


Death Knight - Tank

We are looking to fill core raid slots, guaranteed based on performance (and inclusive of guild leadership). Each raider is expected to be at the raid location 15 minutes early with all required supplies (flasks, repaired gear, reagents, etc.). Our raid times are still being hammered out, however they will most likely look like this:

Tues. - Thurs. 8-12 CST
Fri/Sat 8-12 CST during progression content

Our website is niflheim.guildlaunch.com. Our application is available from the front page. You can also contact me in game on Seidhkona or you can talk to Svetlanya or Víðarr. We look forward to seeing your application!
I'd alos be willing to get a small PvP group going. Especially during break when college is out

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