What Spec and why in Cata

Well I been a healer all of Wrath because... I made this toon for healing.

Dont have any reason to be changing that, but probably Enh for soloing.
Elemental coz im tired of healing

You'll heal and like it!

I'll be sticking with Enhance, of course.
I see a lot of replies and very few reasons other than "it's easier" responses...anyone got something good a baddy can rely on? Lvl'd as Enh, raided as resto, went OS Elem for raids, and now I'm hearing funny rumors about enhance being epic in Cata. Any *real* suggestions?
Elemental for sure. And I like to play Resto too. Sometimes do a bit of enhancement too.

That's why I like shammies, can do quite a few things really well. :)

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