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Couldn't fit the title in the title window so I'll warn now about possible spoilers and whatnot, read at your own risk.

So I just wrapped up the book and I was confused as to who the person or thing was that was breaking into Drek'thar's lodging? Was this clearly answered at any point and I simply missed it or is it currently up to speculation as to whom the culprit is?

Thank you.
The Alliance battleground group?

Seriously, the book cut off right before Drek said "Dammit, not again."
The person most likely is a really, really big dragon named Deathwing.

The door is not litterally a door, but a barrier between deepholm and Azeroth. So Drek'thar is "Far seeing" that Deathwing is breaking the Barrier and he is screaming don't let him through.
Thank you for the explanation. I appreciate it.
I think Drek'thar was being metaphorical by saying someone is breaking the door down, don't let him in! meaning "Deathwing is breaking out! stop him!"

but that is my 2 coppers.
What if it was actually Deathwing in Human Form?

Because at the end of the book, The Shattering has actually taken place, I believe.
I thought it could be Cho'gall.
My impression is that it's a vision and will happen at some point in the future. What it could be? Could be any number of things really.
Maybe it's Sargeras, during the "War against the Light and the Darkness" that's supposed to take place on Azeroth.
No...not yet....but its about to

Yeh it was a metaphor for Deathwing. The Shattering ends right before Deathwing breaks through

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