Rated BGs - Group Size

How exactly will rated BGs work? You'll have a team that is formed just like arena, yeah? but how big can your team be? Do you have to have a different team for each BG, because of the amount of players allowed in each BG is different?
It's not like arenas, but it has some similarities.

There is just 1 rating: your personal rating.

You must make a raid of either 10, 15 or 25 ppl. Each week the brackets rotate. Much like call to arms. I.E: week 1: 10mans; week: 2 15 mans; week 3: 25 mans.

You will most likely match up agaisnt a group of same overall rating. Winning awards rating, losing reduces rating.

Unlike arenas you don't need to purchase team charts.
First time I heard every week rotates to different brackets. I don't think thats true. They do have limit to how many rated bgs you do a week because i doubt people want to get 25 people together.
So your team size determines which battlegrounds you will be playing in? And are they changing the number of players for each battleground in regular random BGs?
And are they changing the number of players for each battleground in regular random BGs?

Probably not.

And it seems like if you aren't able to fill out your team during any given week, you could just grab a few players via trade chat. So you could take your 7-man guild team and find 3 more random players to fill out a full 10 man.

Obviously inviting random players for rated BGs is a roll of the dice, but battlegrounds have pretty much always been a roll of the dice.
The whole way their doing the rated bg's pisses me off. That being said if you have any questions about how they work, heres a link for you...

I however do not think 25 man should be included. I am doing rated bgs to fight other people, not see who can kill a raid boss faster. What is this, rated dungeon crawling?

The Generals at the end of the battlegrounds are just objectives. It's the same as trying to dumb AB or WSG down into "who can click cogwheels the best" yet we all know it's a lot more complicated than that.

I have a feeling when you do rated AV and rated IoC, eventually you're going to have groups who finally figure out that if you have members on your team that know how to play splitting up Defenders and Attackers will end up being a lot more reliable than zerging the Generals and hoping the other team isn't smart enough to stop you.

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