The Mac Forum Guild?

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Come on guys! I’m already level 10... Despite what the profile says :p.
Has anyone else rolled yet? It gets dull doing lowbie quests and I only had Stoneblade online to regale with foul jokes.
I was just about to ask the same thing. I haven’t really had a chance to play much in the last couple days, but when I am on, I’m constantly switching back and forth between servers to see if anyone’s on, and only Curwen’s been on so far.

Not that he isn’t funny... Several times I had to choke myself to keep from spraying soda on my keyboard...

Cyclone is dominated by the Alliance in terms of battleground win/loss ratio. This detail has driven many to other battlegroups since the release of Wrath of the Lich King.

Well, if it’d make it easier, Kil’Jaeden’s in the bloodlust group, the top horde battlegroup, and has my 80’s on it, making it easier for us to fund the guild...
Haha, no way, I'm already 13, way too late to reroll!

Imo schedule a few hours a week for us to all get together and do lfd dungeons. :O
I think a Mac guild would be a great idea! Though, it would be hard to imagine Bluspacecow any other race...
Perhaps brown azeroth cow? :O

That's no good though, taurens can't be mages. :(
How the heck are you 13 already? I’ve been on a lot and I never saw you once...
Perhaps brown azeroth cow? :O

That's no good though, taurens can't be mages. :(

But they can be Paladins soon!
<insert funny joke about some energy drink and flying>
I'm totally up for this! Questing with my Mac brothers and sisters sounds rad to me :D

Although, I'm probably more keen to roll a goblin as I've kind of played all the Horde races to death.

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