Missing JC patterns

I'm leveling JC on my DK, just got to 300 skill last night. I can't find the recipe for Solid Azure Moonstone on any JC trainer. I can't believe this (other many other patterns) have been removed from the game. Does anything know what's going on?
This also happened with Alchemy (that I just leveled last night). When you hit 450, you get a quest from the trainer saying that you need to xmute 5 gems, but you can't learn the recipes for xmuting from ANY trainer anywhere. Quite annoying, I'd assume it's someone similar to the problem you're seeing.
The cuts for green outland gems are trainable from 305 and they removed/consolidated a lot of them for the 4.0.1 stat changes so any guide you are following might just be a little out of date.

The alchemy transmute quests are just gone. No real explanation that I could find. I've had them for a long time, but anyone new to alchemy is missing out on them.

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