Why the Trolls and QQers won't last here.

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The forums have been a cess pool of idiocy for years. About time Blizz makes some changes to improve the community.
I never understood why people get so worked up over trolls. For me most the time they're kinda funny. If they do end up pissing me off I ignore them. It is rather simple.
Does not matter what Blizzard does to curb trolling or discourage it altogether. Every forum/message board environment has these troll problems and nobody has yet to come up with a solution to keep them off.

Just remember we are using the Internet and so long as these environments exist the bad apples will still find ways to be the biggest pests ever.

The trolls would most certainly leave these forums if the Internet and it's Anonymous nature went away but until that time comes.....Trolls will be trolls and it's up to us to flag them as such.

My real job as it stands now, is dealing with trolls. Trolls can be easy to spot but some trolls get so creative you need to analyze the posting habits, and trust me it's a nuisance but necessary evil to deal with.

For every troll that gets banned at my jobs message boards 20 more replace the 1x banned troll. Sucks but tolerable.
Dislike button. Use it. Treasure it. Love it. But not me please <3

Cloud likes this. *thumbs up*

I see who you are named after. And the nice armor set to go with it.
It's an interesting feature, but it can be misused as well. Someone can write a controversial, yet well written and thought out review of anything, and people may dislike spam it and it will become buried. Usually this might happen with radical new ideas that could become decent ones.

Just imagine .... GC makes a post about why something was changed and everyone dislikes it because it's bad.
It would be hilarity.

Ahh, but we're not given the opportunity to like or dislike Blue posts. This speaks volumes.
Fail feature is fail. Get this facebook trash off of my youtube and off of my wow.
Wait what are the "like" and "dislike" buttons for?
I just hope it doesn't turn into a big popularity contest. Unfortunately, I can see this becoming very much abused.

I'm certainly concerned about that. I'm also concerned it will discourage expressing an opinion that is not like minded with the majority. I'd rather trolls be taken care of simply by swift and effective moderator justice.

I agree. Well said.
I just hope it doesn't turn into a big popularity contest. Unfortunately, I can see this becoming very much abused.

Trolls could get together and like each other up. It's certainly not a perfect system

Lol, you think the immature trolls would be able to manage something like this?

Troll 1 - Hey, fellow trolls, start "Liking" my posts and i will "Like" all your posts! We can band together!

Rest of the Trolls - Lol, nub, go make some RL friends and make them "like" you! lawl rofl, lame post is lame, friendless troll is friendless! lmao!

Yeah, trolls will not unite.

Straw man argument that makes unreasonable assumptions. You need to rethink your post.
The idea of 100% serious posts everywhere is really boring.
Hm. Interesting. So, when a comment is liked enough, it gets brighter and a nice "HIGHLY RATED" pops up in the corner.... as opposed to downranked comments, which get greyed out, followed by hiding(not seen in this thread, but I've seen it in a different one). Actually, this is a pretty freakin' great idea. You can't get a post hidden by a single downrank, so it's basically up to the forum community to police the trolls.

I approve of this.
I'm going to troll wether you like it or not!!! >=C

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