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Take some Pepto Bismol if you're feeling bloated.
I recently levelled my warlock again and was super-confused when I tried Demonology, only to find that I didn't have enough rotational abilities to fill the basic action bar.

Meanwhile my priest fumbles to reach every necessary heal and my paladin is desperately trying to figure out why I have Consecrate AND Holy Wrath AND Hammer of Righteousness AND Blinding Light AND Light's Hammer. Surely I don't need five different combinations of AoE with varying degrees of CC?
I just stopped worrying about those abilities that I'll almost never have the opportunity to use. :(
They always end up cutting out super situational stuff that doesn't even need to be on your bars, like Amplify/Dampen Magic and Eyes of the Beast. It's dumb and doesn't solve anything.
Reducing ability bloat is something that's been talked about fairly recently in interviews and tweeters, it's also something we've attempted to address as recently as this expansion. It's a balance, of course, between having depth of complexity through abilities without making the complexity just a ton of different buttons to push. There's also perception issues of taking away abilities, even if they're never used, as undermining the viability or versatility of a class. Classes are largely defined by their abilities, so taking things away can be a touchy subject. It's something that we will need to give another go at addressing, because classes getting new abilities as level caps raise is essentially a given. In any case we tend to save these kinds of big sweeping changes for expansions.
I must be the only one that does not think there is any issue in the first place.

And I have all classes at 90. :/
Largest issue I see is that the ability to use a player spell, be if a Rogue attack or an actual Mage Fire Bolt or what have one, is the absence of a key bindable to toss on some curve ball like effect.

What I'd love to see is something akin to click, shift click, or ctrl click, or whatever key bind one likes that would allow the player to use one core ability, with as many different variations as the code can handle.

It'd be hell on input devices, but, say there's modifiers like D3 Skill Runes, just one key binds when triggering an ability? Say, Sinister Strike (base), then other versions from hitting the correct key binds that would let say, - to target parry chance, or something...?
Well let's see, for main spells I need to plop down a (1) fire totem (any sort, just A fire totem) so I can start getting stacks for my lava lash.

Then I need to use (2) Flame Shock. Then I use (3) Stormstrike, then (4) Lava Lash, then (5 mine is typically Healing Surge [6] Elemental Blast or Lightning Bolt [7]) Maelstrom Weapon because by now it's up. Then I use Earth Shock (8), then I use Unleash Elements (9), then (10) Frost Shock to keep on them.

Of course then I get feared so I need to (11) Tremor Totem, or I'm being chased so (12) Binding Totem. Oh dear it appears I need to burst Macro, since they're all tied to one button that (13) Ascendance/Fire Elemental Totem/Berserking, then I need some Heals which are Macroed together (14) for Ancestral Guidance and Spirit Wolves. Then I'm getting hammered so I need to (15) Shamanistic Rage and (16) Stone Bulwark Totem.

Oh my they're casting a spell on me I can either (17) Grounding Totem or (18) Wind Shear, and damn it's a mage better (19) Purge off that shield.

That's just a few of the off-the-top of my head abilities I use. That's 10 abilities for a main "rotation" (All the shocks are useful) and extra buttons for burst/surviving/random utility D: Halp I have so many buttons (More than 20 if I kept going)
You can never be too high.
Not I says the frost dk.
could you imagine if they hadn't made a bunch of old abilities passives??? Oo
We really do have way too many abilities. Some classes are worse than others. I didn't really pay attention to it until the other day when I was on my 90 lock and realized I had blank empty spots on my action bars. I didn't remember ever seeing blank spots unless it was during leveling. I checked all the spells I needed for my destro spec and they were all there, even a few extras. I still had open spaces.

I logged back to my mage and I've got a whole crap load of skills I use on a very regular basis. I don't think I could raid with anything less than 20-30 or so keybinds(These include macros). I only needed less than 1/2 of that to be successful and competitive on my lock.

I'm all for complexity, but its gone beyond that. Now you need a Bachelor of science
degree in mathematics to understand all the theory crafting and rotations that go into effect just to do anything.(Ok, maybe that is an exaggeration, but you get the point.)

The complexity is overboard and we keep tossing more skills into that bucket. Now times that by 11 different classes and we have a giant blended mess.
its just for the op classes. like rogue is pretty bottom of the barrel. its just right as far as "balanced" goes.

locks and 800k chaosbolt oneshot crits are balanced...
100k rip ticks are balanced... cuz you know... rupture... 10k... vs rip... 100k...
monks full heal super mobile ability to solo 2s teams... balanced also.

Actually, from the comment by the OP, I thought he meant the sheer number of different abilities for each spec.

Those are getting a wee bit on the high side. At least for some specs.

My fury seems to have the standard 5 to 6 abilities that are used regularly, with maybe 3 or 4 longish cooldown abilities.

My survival hunter is on the high side. About 7 to 8 regular "rotation" abilities and another 4 to 5 of longish cooldown abilities and yet another 2 to 3 for situational abilities. That doesn't even account for the pet's special abilities if any.

My shadow priest seems pretty spartan in comparison. I think my priest's entire rotation consists of 5 keybinds, one more if it's an AE fight. I suspect I may be screwing up the rotation in someway, since the whole finger wiggler scene is new to me. But then, the dps numbers seem reasonable (level 89, 440 ilvl, doing about 25Kdps in single target dungeon boss fights).
But there are also macros?
WTB more macro space!
I'm still not getting the issue. Are people really so upset about having so many buttons on their bars? Or are they upset that their rotations are to complicated?

I have every single ability, including racials, from all my classes on my bars. I also have a few profession icons, several variations of mount macros, healthstones, and pots.

I have each individual cooldown, as well as an all-in-one macro.

Different macros for raid leading, including a Vent info and Loot rules button.

And I still have room to spare. Even on my hunter I have free space, and if any class suffers from this nonexistent problem, it would be them. The only other class that might have ability bloat are shamans since they lost their totem bar. Download a totem management mod and suddenly you have more space than you know what to do with.

Put your situational buttons off to the side, put your main ones on your most easily accessible bars.

What is the problem exactly? I don't want to lose more situational but fun abilities because someone puts the exact same button on their bar 4 times and complains they have no space for anything else. Remember what happened with Eyes of the Beast? It had no practical use, but people weren't happy with losing that.

My survival hunter is on the high side. About 7 to 8 regular "rotation" abilities and another 4 to 5 of longish cooldown abilities and yet another 2 to 3 for situational abilities. That doesn't even account for the pet's special abilities if any.

I also play a survival hunter. I'm also an Engineer, so I have three buttons dedicated to extra on-use enchants. I've got several consumables and various macros for things such as raid leading. Five slots dedicated to mounts for various reasons. Consumables.

Your pet special abilities should be on their action bar. If you have a slot dedicated for each individual pet utility button for each pet, you should google how to make a macro to fix that. I've got my entire utility arsenal for my active five slots bound to CTRL+Space. It takes up one slot.

If your pet is Tenacity or Ferocity, then I could see you needing an extra 1-2 slots.

You still should have action bar space, and I'm genuinely curious what your interface looks like if you don't.
Am I the only one who thinks ability bloat is getting too high?

If you think mages have a lot of abilities try rolling a lock. Wow's abilities don't even come close to what you get in some other mmos. Leave my abilities alone please.
Warlocks and healing priest (that actually USE everything in its proper place) are the two MAJOR offenders in my eyes... Lord locks have SO MUCH GARBAGE that needs cleaned out.
This is one place where I think the Rogue is both lucky and unlucky.

Lucky in that our rotations are relatively simple.

Unlucky as most of us are still using the same abilities we've been using since 2007 (even earlier if you're Combat or Subtlety).

Mages get Frostfire Bolt. Warlocks have Chaos Bolt. Etc.

Us Rogues? Still the same old Backstab, Sinister Strike, Mutilate and Eviscerate (though Assassination gets Envenom, which is essentially just a special Eviscerate).

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