Most anticipated 5.4 feature?

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The dissipation of Battlegroups. I don't like that they're removing teams, but making everything connected is a step in the right direction.
I heard waffles were going to be served. :s
What is the minimum number of ppl for flexraid?
NOT the timeless isle cuz its completely boring
MoP will be over which means the Horde might get to win something once in a while again :<

Was p close to quitting the game with the way the tone was "orcs are evil beat up on the Horde". Very biased expansion.
Flex raid, pls.
Connected realms, flex raiding, timeless isle farming/exploring. Connected realms and flex raiding go hand in hand since my realm is very low pop horde. Hoping pug raids pop up on the weekends like in wrath. Much to look forward to.

And also noodle carts.
Timeless isle, flex raiding
Connected Realms. Really hopes this works out to be the most important change to wow in well...ever for the dead and dying realms.
Connected Realms. Please oh please let Dragonmaw and Korgath be connected!

@Ottomann: WoW has helped me substantially in recovering from brain injury. Moreso than books.
Not looking forward to any of it but I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised by something.
I can't wait for flex raiding, oh wait, since the connected realms isn't coming yet then flex raiding does no good because we are stuck on garbage servers with no one else. I wish they would give a bulk package on transfers, let us enjoy the game instead of playing a solo player.

Flex works cross-realm even without connected realms so even if you're stuck on a bad server and don't know people on other servers you'll be able to use tools like the Oqueue addon or to find other people to run it with.
Far too much good in one patch for me to pick just one.

Connected Realms is very high up there. That and the item that lets us kill our own faction on the new island.

I intend to try every (non-PVP related) thing at least once.
3 Words: Xuen control bar.

Probably all of it. The Timeless Isle for certain. Unfortunately, it'll be taking a backseat to study for finals, so I'll take a while to get properly acquainted.
Warriors duel wielding Polearms with transmogs! Hopefully there's some high level Polearms :/
Lots of crying and raging on forums.
I always anticipate that, and not once was I disappointed.
Warlock changes! :D
Though I'm scared getting green fire would be even harder for me due to the changes to Demonic Gateway...

I'm not looking forward to them nerfing my ability to easily farm. Hopefully it won't be too bad...

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