Holy Haste BreakPoints PVE 5.4

I'm having a little trouble finding up to date haste breakpoints.

Any help would be appreciated.
They haven't changed.
For Ret? There's only one relevant breakpoint, at 50% unbuffed melee haste. That's the point where the GCD caps at 1 second. The only spells that have breakpoints are Censure and Sacred Shield, which don't matter.
There is, actually, a theoretical breakpoint at roughly 40% haste where mastery jumps in value on any fight with 4+ targets. But that's largely immaterial unless all the boss fights in SoO are consistently 4+ targets, otherwise haste should continue to stay superior up to - and probably past - 50%.
Thanks, but I managed to find the breakdown I was looking for on Totemspot.com

Did you just add Holy to the title or did I completely miss that before? :|
It didn't say holy, but he was holy when he posted it.
08/28/2013 10:09 AMPosted by Cayse
It didn't say holy, but he was holy when he posted it.

Well he was Ret when I read it! >.>
Well why did you wait 19 hours!
It wasn't very far down the page. :<
Thanks for posting that breakpoint page !!

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