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I recently got back into WoW and I really only care to PVP. I have only really ever played a Mage and most of my experience is from BC. I HATE LEVELING, but I really want a new toon to get some variety in my life. I have started a few different characters and right now have been focusing on a rouge.. mainly because I always thought they would be fun. Last night, at level 21, I decided to get in a WSG and to my surprise I gained about 15 bars of experience! Is this typical? Is it viable to level through Battlegrounds with an occasional instance for gear?
If you win, you get a lot of exp. If you lose, you gain very little or none, depending on the BG and the conditions within that BG that award exp.

In WSG I believe the only act which can gain you rep is a flag capture. So if your team wins with 3 captures in short time then it's pretty sweet. But if you lose and had no captures you get nothing.

In AV you get exp for multiple things, like bosses down, towers down (I think...), etc.

This will be my first alt in a while, but that's how I remember it from the last time I leveled.
It's possible, but I wouldn't recommend it.

I just recently leveled an alt and had the same reaction as you when I did BG. 15 bars might seem like a lot, but you can get 2-3 levels from some instances at that level. The experience you get from BG is really only decent if you win, and even then, it really starts to drop off as you get higher.

I would recommend leveling through instances as a tank or a healer. It's much faster and you don't have to do any horrible quests.
Yes, it is. I have leveled several alts through battlegrounds. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I believe you get an experience boost as well when the bg is the Call to Arms. Combine that with rested experience and BoAs and, well, ding ding ding... if you win of course.
I leveled 70% through bgs and 30% going to new areas for quests. You get great XP for wins so if you get lucky and string 5 victories together in a row you are likely to level. The bad thing is its completely random in terms of quality teammates so you could lose 5 in a row. I would suggest zone hopping and doing the easily attainable quests while doing bgs. You will also get some new gear as you level this way.

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