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Do people still play warcraft 3 multiplayer? and if so how many people do
There is Naruto RP there...
So no one plays multiplayer then?
Most likely just DotA/Footman Wars. Still might be a good amount of people playing ladder.

There is Naruto RP there...

There's a popular map where you RP as a peasant. Go figure.
The multi-player in that game as I remember it was pretty terrible. I'd be surprised if anyone still plays it.
Theres ALOT of rp on wc
I play over a LAN with the missus sometimes. She favors a Night Elf mine zerg strategy that strangles me and my noob impulses to sit there and turtle up while learning every upgrade for everything.
You can create your own custom scenarios in WC3 complete with cutscenes, etc. and share them... if we could do something like that for WoW (like City of heroes did with the Architect feature) my eyes would grow to seven times their size and get all shaky with glowy stars in them and a small line of drool would form at the corner of my mouth while by brain asploded
You guys never heard of makemehost.com? Its a WC3 site devoted to running easy to use hosting bots. WC3 is very much still alive with all the custom games out and still being made/updated by an active community. It is certainly not as big as it used to be and it looks dead if you just look at the game list, but you just have to look in the right places. Early to mid-day there is usually a good amount of people, enough to fill games in 5-10 minutes. Later in the evening it could take 15-30 minutes to fill a 12 player game and the middle of the night is pretty dead but overall, still very much so alive and fun :D.
I love WC3. I stopped playing it because I started with SC2 and stuff. But it is a shame that the game is so dead right now. Is one hell of an awesome game. I'd play with you anytime if you want me to.

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