Torn between Ret Paladin and WW Monk

Please provide any insight to which you prefer and why :)

PvP mostly. I do not plan on tanking or healing, but I do like the hybrid idea.

I have heirlooms for both, but only want to level one :)

Thanks all!!
Unrated BG's mostly. Very little arena.

I do think the resource system seems to be very similar and they're both fun looking classes.

Before I re subbed, I had alts all over the place, so I'm trying to narrow it down to ONE single toon. lol
"You should level...
...up both of them."
Whatever you do...
...don't level both of those.

Wait, what?
Leveling is...
...extremely overrated.
You come to buy...?

If you want to level quickly, monk is the better choice. They get a 50% XP buff from a daily quest up to lvl85. If you start leveling a different alt, you should still do the monk daily because the buff will stack. I didn't level my WW for a while but he had a 16hr XP buff lol. Makes leveling nice.

What daily and where is this located :o?
What the hell is wrong with these responses? the mot weirdest was the last 2 like WDF? CTRL ALT ELITE on deiffrent servers holy mother of all jesus
You came to the...
... wrong neighborhood... buddy.

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