trying to make a holy /protection bulit

Am trying to have a holy / protection pally. What gear is good to have for it
Or can it be done.
Holy and Prot use completely different gear. Holy uses intellect gear while Prot uses strength gear. You would need two separate gear sets, one for each spec.
Hybrids died in Cata, sorry. They were a lotta fun in BC and Wrath though.
Go for it. It totally can be done. I'm specced Prot/Holy and it works well for what it is. (I played Ret for like a week in the past two years). What I mean by that is that I'm a instance junkie and love the dual nature of a pally. If your main focus is questing then you probably don't want to do it this way. Took me a while to hit max level without boa's in protection spec. Live and learn ;)

Yes, it does require two different sets of gear - but its not really that bad, especially at max level. I love being able to do both. Its like having two excellent toons in one. And the balance between the two specs is pretty good. Paladin tanks are great in end game content and pally healers can hold their own. I've never had a group complain about having either a pally tank or healer.

Having experience with both specs is also great. If you have a less experienced group - a pally can do a lot to pitch in where needed. There is a whole host of tools to help a group. Running battle healer (glyph) as a tank can help alot with a lesser experienced healer (along with a host of healing capabilities). Helping with threat management when the DPS run wild with aggro, as a plate wearing healer, has saved countless groups that I've been in.

Its great from a guild perspective. Most of the guilds I've been in either have a shortage of tanks or healers (or both). Being able to swap back and forth on one toon is great. I've always found a spot in raid groups because of the flexibility on a paladin.

I can't imagine playing DPS - I'd be bored silly if I tried lol. If you can stomach leveling without a dos spec and don't mind the headaches of tanking/healing then I'd say go for it. I've loved it since before Cata.

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