Q; Prot Trinkets.

so im confused on which of the two trinkets to use in my last slot. I just got the lfr Ji'Kun but i also can buy the shado-pan exp and str proc. which one is best to use with the spark of zandalar?

i can upgrade them to max if that helps at all with the decision since i know with the rppm upgrades increase it.
I use the shado pan exp trinket on my strength set, because our gear has far too god damn much hit on it as is, and expertise has a higher cap. Therefore the exp for shado-pand > hit form ji'kun's.
The feather proc is worth it. Without seeing your paladin it's hard to judge. but if youre under expertise cap without the trinket that's a different story. The 2 trinkets I use I feel have the best procs and proc uptimes. As far as the horridon trinket, the base haste is pretty damn good, but the proc may not be something you'd want. I'm currently at 48% haste, I could go balls out haste trinkets and I'd be around 53% haste, but technically I'd have less dps without the trinket stack uptimes
im exp capped on my paladin without the trinket. im using 2 stamina one's atm. literally just got those two to drop this week.


that's my paladin. i have shoulders and helm tier piece. just not gemmed yet.
If you can help it, avoid trinkets with hit/exp so you can swap trinkets on a fight per fight basis.
I have primordius talisman of rage. it has crit on it but...do you think it would be better over ji'kuns?
The stam trinkets are a bit of overkill unless your healers are having issues keeping you alive. Using an Exp trinket is fine if you are only in lfr/norm ToT...

The SPA is a great choice as it procs very often, can be reforged in to haste, and would open up some sockets to more haste.

I like the Spark from Horridon - still haven't seen a 522 version :( - lots of haste, the proc is good too.

the exp trink from Ji-kun is ok, but the proc is meh imo...SPA exp wins for me, just wait til 5.4 drops to get it cheaper.
If you need Hit, use Ji-Kun's trinket with the Spark. If you need Expertise rating, use the Shado-Pan trinket with the Spark.

Both the Shado-Pan and Ji-Kun's trinket are great. It just depends on what you need. Spark of Zandalar is best in slot, though.
The stam trinkets are fine, but not really ideal unless you're tanking content that's dealing a lot of burst damage that can leave your healers scrambling.

I'd have no problem subbing in whichever one of the Ji-Kun trinkets you're talking about (I'd actually replace the LFR version of Soul Barrier - even though it has a higher Stamina value, I don't think it's worth giving up the nice on-use on Lao-Chin's, but you could argue either way). Buying the Shado-Pan exp trinket is a good idea too, but I think it'll cost less VP next week with the patch.

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