PvE Combat vs Assassin

What's pulling the higher dps? I'm combat right now but I don't really like it I think it's pretty damn boring to be honost. But I don't have PvE daggers and don't wanna be the guy that's using PvP gear for raids lol.

But regardless of all that pointless crap I just said. What's the better PvE spec?
Both specs are good. Assassination is a lot easier and isn't as weapon dependent. Most Rogues raiding heroic are playing Assassination.

I'm going to be playing combat in 5.4 after I obtain a normal mode Assurance of Consequence. No one is exactly sure how the specs will balance out, but I have a feeling by the end of the tier you'll see a lot more Combat rogues than you do now.

Basically just play whatever spec you like more.
Assassin and Sub are both higher than Combat.
Assassination is currently pulling better numbers.
While combat is definitely lower dps than assassination at the moment, it may not remain that way after patch 5.4.

from the PTR notes:

Sinister Strike deals an increased 240% of weapon damage (up from 145%), but now costs 50 Energy (up from 40 Energy).

New passive ability, Ruthlessness: This passive ability is learned by Combat Rogues at Level 32. The Rogue gains a 20% chance per combo point (100% chance at 5 combo points) to immediately regain 1 combo point while performing a finishing move.

Killing Spree targeting has been changed. If Blade Flurry is not active, Killing Spree will now hit the Rogue's target 7 times or pick the closest eligible target if none had been selected. Killing Spree will continue to work as it has while Blade Flurry is active.

Revealing Strike now deals 160% weapons damage (up from 125%).

Vitality now increases Attack Power by 40% (up from 30%).

also assassination is getting buffed a bit too, so I expect both specs to be highly viable in 5.4.

I hope I am correct because I miss raiding combat, like I did back in TBC, back when combat was the best ^.^
That 33% vitality buff is sexy. I think Combat is going to be a blast with the new feel it has. I'm probably going to play it even if I don't get AoC as soon as I want.

I need a change anyway.

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