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Lately I've been looking at a lot of the new/old boss fight mechanics and they still don't feel as engaging as I would like them to be. Not to beat up on the bosses that do have great mechanics, but I feel that there isn't enough player interaction with the bosses themselves during the fights. Not that dialog isn't good enough,(for the lore guys) but that the bosses themselves even with the chaos of some battles, is not structured as well as it could be. One of my biggest problems is phasing. ( Lich King bosses, Trial bosses, etc) It serves its purpose in increasing difficulty in the boss battle itself, but at the same time its to predictable. I feel like I am solving a math problem, and once i have the formula down its simple from there. For a lot of players who have mastered these mechanics, eventually the continuous amount of rinse and repeating start to dull down on the over all gaming itself, leaving the player few and few options to do trying to milk out what enjoyment he/she can get left out of the game. What i would like to see more in boss battles is a more sense of unpredictability in the bosses fights themselves. Force us to react differently to their moves as they show up making the battle itself more engaging for the player, forcing him to play smarter.
One of the things I have been also looking at a lot is the possibilities that future bosses. I like a lot of the extra bars that pop up, (sound , electric, etc ) but the boss fights again seem that they could expand just a bit further. One of the many things i like from the recent WotLK is a lot of the mini game mechanics that they added in a lot for questing ( killing the blue proto drake for sons of hodir, or fighting the drake riders around the summit). It is little functions like these that I feel can help change some of the bosses battles to something that players feel engaged in.
Well... other then my own rant I really posted this because I wanted to listen to other people thoughts and ideas on Bosses and their battles, and what would you like to see or mechanics that you think would be interesting in the game itself. One creature that has caught my attention in the new expansion is the leviathan creature you see in Abyssal Maw's dungen. I have a feeling that it is something that might eventually turn into a boss, and my mind started to run with ideas I thought might make for an interesting fight. One mechanic I always loved was in BC the battle against Archemonde. I always like that you had to use the item to help prevent yourself from instant death. What I thought might might make an interesting mechanic is if you had him do some kind of pull or suction attack in an attempt to eat the raid forcing them to back off (before move) and clamping themselves to the ground with an item they get say prior to fight. Then a sort of mini game pops up where the raid has to continuously have to maintain their grip to the floor or get slowly pulled to the boss and die horribly as fish food. I can understand not getting too complex with game mechanics, but hey its just a thought... what are yours?

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