Pet Summon bug/glitch

Im pretty sure that most (if not all) hunters; when you dismount or call your pet back, their hp is at ~6k and if your pet is sent into a mob before the hp and all is calculated, then your pet's hp stays at that and get almost 1 shot. I really encourage blizzard to try to fix this bug by either: allowing your pet to stay by you always IE, mounted(like in the old times) or by taking a snapshot of your pets hp so when u summon it, it will stay at the calculated hp instead of being summoned with the none calculated. Anyone else want to share ideas or comments? plz do =D
Honestly, I would prefer if our pet would not de-spawn when we mount. I like the idea of your pet following you around, just like a companion would. Obviously, this would only work for ground mounts.

At the very least, though, this issue would be fixed. I see it happening extremely often and it can get quite annoying.
Good for one shotting lock pets though if your fast ;D
yea this bug is really annoying =(
So did they fix this yet? Its pretty annoying!

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