Give us an unlock box spell....

Mages should get an unlock box spell..Almost every rpg out there usualy gives the wizard class a "knock" spell or unlock spell....

no need. Rogues have it, i dont want more idiots bugging me to not only be their portal fairy, but to also unlock their boxes as i allow them to travel through the space-time continuum as well.
" i allow them to travel through the space-time continuum as well"

Thats kinda my point...Why shouldnt we be able to use our magic to open lockboxes if we can travel through the space-time continuum.

I understand your dislike for being badgered for portals and such, but I think there should be more than one class in the game that gets the open lock utility.

Staying in form with most rpgs the mage (wizard) class should have it as well...
Lame idea is ^^^^^^^^^ way.
I'd love to have Khadgar's unlocking back. Rogues can't be bothered to unlock those things anymore unless you just give it to them outright. Lockboxes are a failed mechanic at this point -- no fun has ever come from one. They could at least make them slightly less tedious.
You could always go blacksmith and make keys, or engineer and blow them open.
Within the idea of spreading out buffs, rogues have an unfair monopoly on lock picking. Fix?

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