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List was last pruned of inactivity on 4/12/2016. You can check this post to see how I determined inactivity:

It's never too late to volunteer! I'm always adding people to the list. Also, despite the name, these mentors are also available to returning players who need help, too!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a place to populate your friend list in-game. These are mentors here to help. These players are also NOT chosen by Blizzard (though a few of them may be MVPs that have volunteered!). They are simply other posters who are willing to be helpful!

Originally started by Hektikk of the Trollbane server, on the old forums. Now created here and maintained by me.

Help on the forums is good, but sometimes as a new player, you need help in-game with your various questions. And that's where this thread comes in! It's a list of volunteers--players just like you or me--who are willing to become mentors to new players. They'll get you started if you're brand-new, and answer questions as you are learning your way through the game. You may even make new friends!

Before you choose a potential mentor, read on for some helpful hints about how to make your experience a successful one!


    IMPORTANT: DO NOT post in this thread asking people to come to your server to help, or to ask a question about the game. The point of this thread is to provide you with a resource so that YOU can seek out the help you need in-game, not for people to search for you. For questions, just make a new thread and ask the regulars here on the forums.

    - To use this thread, check if someone from your faction/server is on the list already, or decide where you'd like to play on based on available volunteers. Next, add the volunteer to your friends list. Then, you can see when they get online and whisper them! You can also mail them via the mailbox, or check the Google lists (links in post #2) for any of that player's alts. If a mentor has a BattleTag listed, you can use that to talk to them no matter what server/faction you're on. However, they will have to accept your friend request first.

    - Keep in mind that players on Oceanic servers can ONLY see players from other Oceanic servers in the game world. If you wish to be on an Oceanic server, it is highly recommended you seek help from mentors also on Oceanic servers.

    - NOTE: Due to restrictions, Starter Accounts cannot mail anyone, whisper other players, or use BattleTag/RealID messaging. If another player whispers you first, or you both add one another to your friend list, you may whisper them.

    - Be sure to identify yourself when you contact someone. Mention this thread. Some players might ignore you otherwise. Also keep in mind that a player might be busy, so they might miss your whisper the first time around. Don't spam or harass them.

    - Don't beg or act entitled to bags, gold, dungeon runs, guild invites, etc. No one on this list is obligated to give you items or do you favors.

    - If someone is rude or very unhelpful, please ignore them, then consider messaging me in-game or on Twitter (@LadyLatias) to let me know (please don't call them out on the forums). Conversely, if you had a great experience with someone, let me know that too!

    - If any of the characters on this list seem to not exist/be active anymore, please make a post here saying so and I will remove them.


    - Be patient and treat the newbies well. No one wants to roll on your server, have you talk to them for a few days, and then have you get bored with them and ignore them. If you don't have patience for teaching, don't volunteer.

    - You are welcome to submit your BattleTag, but only do so if you're willing to have strangers talk to you at any time. Also note that people who friend request you can NO LONGER include a note to identify themselves. Please remove and/or report BT friends if they are being rude or harassing you.

    - If you want to be a volunteer, please post a maximum of five characters per faction per server. Alts are no longer listed here, but they will be added to the Google lists.

    - Please do not submit characters that are under level 10, bank alts, or otherwise not played frequently.

    - If you no longer want to be a mentor, or are going to quit the game, please post to have your name removed from the list. If you plan on doing a change to a character on this list (server transfers, name/faction change, etc.), please let me know that too!

If you want to be a volunteer, just post here with your character(s), faction, and server, and I'll add your name to the list. I will also list Battletags if you wish (not required).

Welcome to WoW! Happy questing!
The List.

The list is in alphabetical order by server name. Some volunteers have multiple characters on different servers or across factions.

Please note that with Connected Realms, some servers are linked and you can mail/whisper/interact with players on servers connected to your own, as if you were playing on the same server. You will notice that after a realm name in the list, I may have added additional realms in parentheses; those are realms that are connected. You can have a character on those realms and chat/mail/trade/play freely with any of the other realms it is connected to; however, to friend someone on a different realm connected to your own, you will have to include their realm name when adding it to your friend list. For example: "Cerylia-Terokkar"

If you don't see a volunteer for your realm, there may still be one on a Connected Realm. Use the Find function on your browser to search for your server name in the lists. For a complete list of Connected Realms, read here:

I periodically go through the lists and remove inactive characters. I determine inactivity by activity feeds, achievements, and generally if the character is leveling/progressing, via Armory. Please read this post for a detailed overview of how I go about pruning the lists:

If you have been removed from the list, you are welcome to rejoin by posting again. Also, if you attempt to contact anyone on the list and they seem to be inactive, please let me know so I can check into it.

Connected Realm Time Zones (work in progress):

Note: This list, along with other realm lists you may find online, may not reflect accurate time zones for servers that are part of connected realms, due to undocumented changes. Please check the above Google document to see if a server's realm time has been changed, or log in with a test character to the server you are interested in to check the realm time. (Note that the document is highly incomplete, so you may not find info about your realm! Please consider contributing to the list so that we can get more data!)

Google Spreadsheet Versions of the Lists:
Created for ease of viewing, as well as including alts of volunteers so you can find them even if they are not on their mains. I also use this to help me maintain the sticky. (Special thanks to Harlan for helping put the lists together!)

Please do NOT request editing access to the spreadsheet; I will ignore the request. If you need to change some information on the sheet for your characters, just make a post here informing me of the edits.

Horde list:

Alliance list:
Horde Volunteers:

Aerie Peak (PvE, PST)
Aman'Thul (PvE, Oceanic)
Corlia (michelle#11275)
Anvilmar (PvE, PST) (+Undermine)
Ursi (Interstellar#11630)
Arathor (PvE, PST) (+Drenden)
Kelz (Senira#1988)
Blizzbuffalo (Buffaloxl#1326)
Area 52 (PvE, EST)
Xanlorash (Korlastus#1899)
Danielin (Stevenzajonc#1486)
Alastrine (Interstellar#11630)
Varänis (Renauld#1488)
Argent Dawn (RP, EST) (+The Scryers)
Tholine (FlameFlash#1847)
Barthilas (PvP, Oceanic)
Bobbib (Batmanx#278)
Veliaa (Prasys#2512)
Blackwater Raiders (RP, PST) (+Shadow Council)
Ashael (Fwick#1401)
Bladefist (PvE, PST) (+Kul Tiras)
Blindcow (Blindcabur#1211)
Bleeding Hollow (PvP, EST)
Sether (Sether#1909)
Keylian (Keylian#1530)
Devsy (Devy#1530)
Boulderfist (PvP, PST) (+Bloodscalp/Dunemaul/Maiev/Stonemaul)
Zalash (Nox#1479)
Burning Blade (PvP, EST) (+Lightning's Blade/Onyxia)
Littlelion (Littlelion#1868)
Jubalcain (Wilfenstein#1111)
Cenarius (PvE, PST)
Ianuk (Roguekitty75#1296)
Cho'gall (PvP, CST) (+Auchindoun/Laughing Skull)
Hobbeswerth (Hobbesworth#1884)
Chromaggus (PvP, CST) (+Anub'arak/Crushridge/Garithos/Nathrezim/Smolderthorn)
Earthen Ring (RP, EST)
Piouspanda (Supepal#1941)
Emerald Dream (RPPvP, CST)
Elepheagle (Elepheagle#1877)
Ästarael (Andurhil#1358)
Hypotheermia (Hypo#1412)
Ahlstrôm (Ahlstrom#1403)
Exodar (PvE, EST) (+Medivh)
Enocssa (Enocssa#1430)
Feathermoon (RP, PST) (+Scarlet Crusade)
Firetree (PvP, EST) (+Drak’Tharon/Malorne/Rivendare/Spirestone/Stormscale)
Frostmourne (PvP, Oceanic)
Garona (PvE, CST)
Tazror (Mondschatten#1293)
Garrosh (PvE, EST)
Koica (Zhebrica#1776)
Gorefiend (PvP, EST) (+Eredar/Spinebreaker/Wildhammer)
Gundrak (PvP, Oceanic) (+Jubei'Thos)
Jonêzy (Mitch#12113)
Hellscream (PvE, CST) (+Zangarmarsh)
Gashna (Broncofan66#1184)
Hydraxis (PvE, CST) (+Terenas)
Hyjal (PvE, PST)
Tarantula (Spurx#1260)
Silvanas (Rama2930#1573)
Eariom (Moirae#1170)
Drunkpally (NoLucaNo#1980)
Denotis (CanidSerpent#1177)
Icecrown (PvE, MST) (+Malygos)
Illidan (PvP, CST)
Naxius (Naxrifice#1275)
Bathtubx (Bathtubx#1972)
Kalecgos (PvP, PST) (+Deathwing/Executus/Shattered Halls)
Kargath (PvE, EST) (+Norgannon)
Dragontalon (Dragonwolf #1913)
Darkkara (PaleShadow#1604)
Kil'jaeden (PvP, PST)
Hótaru (Selene5908#1367)
Mydotisbrown (Agradeleous#1389)
Konnan (Konnan#1395)
Melpi (Travis#1688)
Senjairus (SpiritWolfie#1239)
Kilrogg (PvE, PST) (+Winterhoof)
Kul Tiras (PvE, CST) (+Bladefist)
Melzz (Melizzy#1212)
Magtheridon (PvP, EST) (+Altar of Storms/Anetheron/Ysondre)
Gnomestalker (Evilknievel#1514)
Mal'Ganis (PvP, CST)
Growth (Sar#1855)
Execute (Bathtubx#1972)
Spèrmwhale (Travis#1688)
Rayylen (Mason#1785)
Mannoroth (PvP, EST) (+Blood Furnace/Nazjatar)
Moon Guard (RP, CST)
Sariä (Mary6969#1563)
Nagrand (PvE, Oceanic) (+Caelestrasz)
Rielyne (Calista#1305)
Misha (PvE, PST) (+Rexxar)
Ragnaros (PvE, Latin America)
Astartes (Kupuka#1333)
Ravencrest (PvE, CST) (+Uldaman)
Saurfang (PvE, Oceanic)
Solgath (Solgath#1936)
Shadowsong (PvE, PST) (+Borean Tundra)
Shandris (PvE, EST) (+Bronzebeard)
Roija (Perfect72#1710)
Silver Hand (RP, PST) (+Farstriders/Thorium Brotherhood)
Pepprika (Divinite#1640)
Silvermoon (PvE, PST) (+Mok'Nathal)
Hightension (GhostDragon#146560)
Sisters of Elune (RP, CST) (+Cenarion Circle)
Rahlir (Soggs#1770)
Skywall (PvE, PST) (+Drak'thul)
Smolderthorn (PvP, EST) (+Anub'arak/Chromaggus/Crushridge/Garithos/Nathrezim)
Stormreaver (PvP, CST)
Taedas (Taedas#1174)
Tanaris (PvE, EST) (+Greymane)
Solicer (Solicer#2724)
Terenas (PvE, MST) (+Hydraxis)
Terokkar (PvE, CST) (+Alexstrasza)
Thaurissan (PvP, Oceanic) (+Dreadmaul)
Thrall (PvE, EST)
Brigga (Brigga#1905)
Isabellâ (ooblushy88oo#1728)
Wraizz (Wraizz#1395)
Turalyon (PvE, EST)
Crunchatized (Savetheship#1367)
Rodìmus (Jetfire#1629)
Horde Volunteers - 2

Undermine (PvE, EST) (+Anvilmar)
Tinysaurus (Tinysaurus#1493)
Corriana (Interstellar#11630)
Ursin (PvP, PST) (+Andorhal/Scilla/Zuluhed)
Quinus (UrsaQuinus#1853)
Warsong (PvP, EST) (+Alterac Mountains/Balnazzar/Gorgonnash/The Forgotten Coast)
Kelemari (Kalishnu#1781)
Whisperwind (PvE, CST) (+Dentarg)
Hurriquake (Psychotical#1849)
Winterhoof (PvE, CST) (+Kilrogg)
Nok (Gzr#1701)
Wyrmrest Accord (RP, PST)
Erebös (CheeseSt1cks#1635)
Vleed (Darkstepper#1139)
Iledrin (Interstellar#11630)
Semerian (Semerian#1732)
Wraizz (Wraizz#1395)
Kumon (Grishmak#1329)
Ysondre (PvP, EST) (+Altar of Storms/Anetheron/Magtheridon)
Zul'jin (PvE, EST)
Prelude (Sounds#1337)
Mostabstract (Palaneum#1247)
Lunch (Bathtubx#1972)
Aereneth (Desolation#1777)
Twincruiser (Methuselah#1648)
Alliance Volunteers:

Aerie Peak (PvE, PST)
Mindelan (Mindelan#1631)
Alexstrasza (PvE, CST) (+Terokkar)
ßelnor (Extravegant #1534)
Alleria (PvE, CST) (+Khadgar)
Thorgarrus (Thorgarrus#1805)
Alterac Mountains (PvP, PST) (+Balnazzar/Gorgonnash/The Forgotten Coast/Warsong)
Yatu (Robotworgen#11219)
Aman’Thul (PvE, Oceanic)
Antonidas (PvE, PST) (+Uldum)
Azuremyst (PvE, PST) (+Staghelm)
Blackhand (PvE, CST) (+Galakrond)
Blackwater Raiders (RP, PST) (+Shadow Council)
Bladefist (PvE, PST) (+Kul Tiras)
Moonlytee (Moonlytee#1320)
Bleeding Hollow (PvP, EST)
Kriana (Akala#1652)
Bloodhoof (PvE, EST) (+Duskwood)
Tokru (Stoy#1442)
Cenarion Circle (RP, PST) (+Sisters of Elune)
Nalanei (Hendrickson#11339)
Cenarius (PvE, PST)
Ashinera (Kohaku#1124)
Crushridge (PvP, PST)
Bearymanalow (Littlewho#1495)
Dalaran (PvE, EST)
Shavai (Shavai#1472)
Zalcan (Kashton#1878)
Darkspear (PvP, MST)
Dath'Remar (PvE, Oceanic) (+Khaz'goroth)
Heliades (LaceyDaisy#1776)
Dentarg (PvE, EST) (+Whisperwind)
Avaelyn (Rumus#1991)
Doomhammer (PvE, MST) (+Baelgun)
Chalisse (Woobie#1844)
Draenor (PvE, PST) (+Echo Isles)
Triji (Triji#1407)
Dragonblight (PvE, PST) (+Fenris)
Draka (PvE, CST) (+Suramar)
Hamaid (Thumper#1547)
Drak'thul (PvP, CST) (+Skywall)
Purplekitten (Zanoon#1880)
Durotan (PvE, EST) (+Ysera)
Earthen Ring (RP, EST)
Dozzy (Krafty#1629)
Elune (PvE, EST) (+Gilneas)
Emerald Dream (RPPvP, CST)
Hammeryou (Connormk #1150)
Exodar (PvE, EST) (+Medivh)
Firetree (PvP, EST) (+Drak'Tharon/Malorne/Rivendare/Spirestone/Stormscale)
Fizzcrank (PvE, CST) (+Aggramar)
Belonn (Belonn#1672)
Frostmourne (PvP, Oceanic)
Scarytree (Fentoozler#1304)
Zyres (Zyres#1646)
Elyssaelina (Iolanthe#1961)
Garona (PvE, CST)
Melissalmx (Goat#6859)
Moonshadow (Mondschatten#1293)
Gnomeregan (PvE, PST) (+Moonrunner)
Grondle (Furdude2#1133)
Hyjal (PvE, PST)
Maoyin (Roguekitty75#1296)
Icecrown (PvE, MST) (+Malygos)
Calrus (Aerix88#1952)
Rabbít (Travis#1688)
Kargath (PvE, EST) (+Norgannon)
Kel'Thuzad (PvP, MST)
Dobbyisfrees (Jahmasta#1160)
Grow (Bathtubx#1972)
Khaz Modan (PvE, CST) (+Azjol-Nerub)
Kilrogg (PvE, PST) (+Winterhoof)
Tinian (StumpyPete#1749)
Kirin Tor (RP, CST) (+Sentinels/Steamwheedle Cartel)
Korgath (PvP, CST)
Phurr (Glitch13 #1901)
Korialstrasz (PvE, PST) (+Eldre'Thalas)
Loriculus (Lori#1835)
Lightbringer (PvE, PST)
Chirona (Divinite#1640)
Sether (Sether#1909)
Moiraë (Moirae#1170)
Lothar (PvE, EST) (+Grizzly Hills)
Madoran (PvE, CST) (+Madoran)
Maelstrom (RPPvP, CST) (+The Venture Co)
Magtheridon (PvP, EST) (+Altar of Storms/Anetheron/Ysondre)
Mannoroth (PvP, EST) (+Blood Furnace/Nazjatar)
Tigerlily (Tigerlily#1407)
Medivh (PvE, EST) (+Exodar)
Corvana (CaptCorvana#1218)
Moon Guard (RP, CST)
Annaliese (Cam#1582)
Muradin (PvE, CST) (+Nordrassil)
Nagrand (PvE, Oceanic) (+Caelestrasz)
Shimara (Shimara#1196)
Ner’zhul (PvP, PST) (+Frostmane/Tortheldrin)
Melphas (Ivy#1758)
Perenolde (PvE, MST) (+Cairne)
Proudmoore (PvE, PST)
Balto (Yj06#1741)
Keydar (Sixpenny#1980)
Xanitus (Normandy#1223)
Pändá (MikuMiku#1938)
Ravencrest (PvE, CST) (+Uldaman)
Lovemybubble (XxSTOZZYxX#1108)
Runetotem (PvE, CST) (+Uther)
Adorician (Adorician#1159)
Sargeras (PvP, CST)
Nerrath (Nick#12916)
Pillowkiller (Disneyreject#1914)
Shadowsong (PvE, PST) (+Borean Tundra)
Mosingbel (Mosingbel#1683)
Shandris (PvE, EST) (+Bronzebeard)
Silver Hand (RP, PST) (+Farstriders/Thorium Brotherhood)
Silvermoon (PvE, PST) (+Mok'Nathal)
Gwilliam (Kalishnu#1781)
Alliance Volunteers - 2

Stormrage (PvE, EST)
Parlance (Mindelan#1631)
Akronyx (Acronix#1800)
Calamityz (Ultraviolenz#1226)
Yisera (Rama2930#1573)
Ellieva (Meggymoo#11978)
Auricle (AuriGen#1890)
Shenron (Syf#11464)
Suramar (PvE, PST) (+Draka)
Shadhunter (Shadhunter#1824)
Tanaris (PvE, EST) (+Greymane)
Kemanorel (Kemanorel#1846)
Terenas (PvE, MST) (+Hydraxis)
Toros (TorosB217#1247)
Tichondrius (PvP, PST)
Wugglebuggum (Katelyn#11292)
Turalyon (PvE, EST)
Lusifurr (LaReina#1185)
Uldaman (PvE, EST) (+Ravencrest)
Uldum (PvE, PST) (+Antonidas)
Wildspirit (Wildspirit#1895)
Undermine (PvE, EST) (+Anvilmar)
Karaid (Outkin#1394)
Ursal (Interstellar#11630)
Warsong (PvP, EST) (+Alterac Mountains/Balnazzar/Gorgonnash/The Forgotten Coast)
Kalishnu (Kalishnu#1781)
Whisperwind (PvE, CST) (+Dentarg)
Brewmaster (Psychotical#1849)
Lîllybelle (ooblushy88oo#1728)
Windrunner (PvE, PST) (+Darrowmere)
Ammunition (Reeselover3#1433)
Winterhoof (PvE, CST) (+Kilrogg)
Huntersson (Osloki#1159)
Wyrmrest Accord (RP, PST)
Kaviic (Darkstepper#1139)
Villsjel (Grishmak#1329)
Zangarmarsh (PvE, MST) (+Hellscream)
Mystrinixx (Skatoulaki#1383)
Aniendha (FlameFlash#1847)
Psst. Excel, sort by server name.

*tiptoes away*

- Corylyn/Wynnoa, Wyrmrest Accord
Edited update: Redid list to be in alphabetical order. Hopefully it's easier to read through to see if a server is on the list or not. Remember, it's ok if you want to volunteer but someone from your server is already on the list. The more the merrier!
It didn't occur to me before, but it might be very helpful to arrange the lists alphabetically according to realm. That way new players can find their realm faster ;)

Also, add my name to the Alliance side for Greymane :)
Marhan Alliance Dragonmaw (PVP)
I'm available on Steamwheedle Cartel, as is anyone from Crawfish Boil on the whole.
Obligatory/Holynub/Angelchaos Alliance Gilneas (PVE)

willing to help in anyway for new people, only ask if I am currently raiding and say I will whisper you back in a few minutes, that you trust me and I will respond :)
Psst. Excel, sort by server name.

*tiptoes away*

- Corylyn/Wynnoa, Wyrmrest Accord

Or, y'know, publicly viewable Google doc.
Psst. Excel, sort by server name.

*tiptoes away*

- Corylyn/Wynnoa, Wyrmrest Accord

Or, y'know, publicly viewable Google doc.

Stop making me work so hard. ;)

It's all sorted out now, though. Next you'll want me to arrange them into PvE/PvP categories, by time zones, or by gender or something. :P (I don't think that's quite necessary, personally...)

Stop making me work so hard. ;)

It's all sorted out now, though. Next you'll want me to arrange them into PvE/PvP categories, by time zones, or by gender or something. :P (I don't think that's quite necessary, personally...)

Could you color code it maybe?

Would love to help

Realm: Bronzebeard
Charactor: Hunterpride
Faction: Horde
I would also love to help, I have played a number of classes over the years.

Realm: Black Dragonflight
Character: Aislyn
Faction: Alliance
I would love love love love love to help..and I only play on one server.

Realm: Kel' Thuzad
Character: Talouse, Telandria, Fiveas, Terrallia, Chandier
Faction: Alliance..all of them

I might have to check the spelling on Terra's name..but I'll tell you if it's wrong. Erm' so yes. I would <33 helping. I have pretty well played every class through vanilla save lock..just don't like 'em.

I would put some experiences here..but it's brain pains me. ><
I will help.

Realm: Ner'Zhul
Character: TurranMC
Faction: Alliance
Battletag: TurranMC#1623

I am more than willing to help any new players answering any of their questions. I actually love helping other players. I have been playing this game for eight years off and on and consider myself very knowledgeable. I may not be on as often as a new player may like but when I am on whisper away.

Edited two years after thread was made to add my battletag!
Psst. Excel, sort by server name.

*tiptoes away*

- Corylyn/Wynnoa, Wyrmrest Accord

Or, y'know, publicly viewable Google doc.

Stop making me work so hard. ;)

It's all sorted out now, though. Next you'll want me to arrange them into PvE/PvP categories, by time zones, or by gender or something. :P (I don't think that's quite necessary, personally...)

I totally made Google docs of both lists yesterday. Was easy, took no time at all.

I'll give them to you if you send an email from whatever made-up, don't-stalk-me-internet-weirdos Google account you want to run them with to

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