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I totally made Google docs of both lists yesterday. Was easy, took no time at all.

I'll give them to you if you send an email from whatever made-up, don't-stalk-me-internet-weirdos Google account you want to run them with to

That would be lovely and most helpful, thank you~ (curtsey) I shall email you shortly.
This is awesome! Please add me to the volunteer list. :)

Redken - Aggramar (Normal, CST)
I'll volunteer.

Server: Hyjal
Character: Orccicle
Faction: Horde
I'll mentor some new folks!!!

Sign me up!

Highway on the alliance side of the Uldaman server.
Since I see no one from Fizzcrank in the list you can add me to it. Have only been playing for about a year myself but I still love helping out new folks too.

Oh, god, you just HAD to do this, didn't you?! I've mentored new folks since I started, and most friended and now won't leave, lol. They're like puppies. (I kid, I love them, but they always come up with new questions!)
Posting by Server Name, Faction, Guild Name, and then Character Names. If all else fails, '/who' the guild name and ask for the GM.

Angel Santuary
Nethermagyk, Karmilla, Miach, Triage, Redcap (future Goblin).

Shadow Council
Demon Sanctuary
Purrfectpet, Hextasy, Nelissuna, Cherrykisses, Mourningsong (future Worgen).

The Moofia
Frozenyogurt, Italiansoda, Georgapeach ( future Tauren Pally).

Wyrmrest Accord
Altaholics Anonymous
Ikki, Nykolette, Reiezo.

Southwind Vineyards
Ragehappens, Greensides (future Goblin), Cash flow (ditto).

Hoity Toity (Pink Tabard! Oh yeah!)
Aysh, Sevren (future Worgen).

(Not yet established)

The Silver Flight
Wyendyn, Khordar.

The servers are listed by time spent. The first two are my mains. Second two are my secondary mains. And the last four are my alt servers. I’m on normally once a day, at almost any hour of night.
I'd love to mentor any new player that needs some help.
I mostly play on Nagrand (Oceanic PvE), and my characters are Tulveli, Rilithus and Myrinntwin on Horde; Zubat and Cresselia on Alliance. I can give more help if people roll horde, since that's what I mostly play, but I'll do my best to support anyone who wants to roll alliance as well.
Continuing thanks to all the helpful volunteers joining the list! It's getting pretty long, isn't it? :D

Harlan and I have put together Google spreadsheet versions of the lists, for easier viewing, and ease of sorting (if you download a copy of the file). The links are at the end of post 2.

Miach, thanks for volunteering all your alts! I thought I was an altoholic, but I've got nothing on you! xD I didn't include your future goblin/worgen characters just on the off-chance that someone might try to friend or whisper them before they are created for real. But after the expansion, let me know that they're ready to go, and I'll add them in. (Also, say hi to me on Terokkar Horde-side if you ever see me!)

Thanks again to everyone! We've got quite a resource here for new players. And I've been whispered some questions before by a handful of people due to this list, so I know it's working!

Happy questing!
Hey all, if any new people happen to end up on Silvermoon server ( PvE, PST), i actually have all 10 classes on this server, some horde some alliance. Feel free to send me a tell with any questions you may have! I have been playing since Nov. 2004 and have dabbled in raiding as well as pvp. Here is a list of my charcters:

Horde: Legualt, Gjennoplive, Holiday, Urumi, Lolgar, Loshgoobi

Alliance: Nyli, Alaindia, Malleo, Exurogelu

Have fun with the game and let me know if you need help :)!
Well I don't think I 've seen anybody signed up to help on Laughing Skull, so I may as well.

Server: Laughing Skull (PvP)

Toons(Horde side): Selvagens, Haelmer

For those of you wondering about Zev, he'll be turning into a Tauren soon and I have not decided on a name for him as of yet. He, along with all my alts I will be rolling will be added to my list soon after Cata goes live, probably within a week depending on how laggy it is.

Edit: Wow, I've forgotten about this for a while, my pally's named Volarding now, and I have three alts named Tulzasnak, Kilnumas and Razzlespazz, all level 10 that there's a very off chance that I may been on them.
I'll volunteer.

ALLIANCE: Sujamma, Leye (US Stonemaul, PVP server)
I'd be willing to help some new players. I'm GM of an adult (18+) PvE/PvP guild and would be willing to help out other adult players. I'm 37 and I'm usually on every day from 4pm EST-?
We also have quite a few guild members who are very helpful and could mentor or advise new players.

Server: Darkspear (PvP)
Character: Doomtrooper
Faction: Horde

the only things I ask from new players
-proactively participate in learning that means reading up and learning your specific class
-dont come in expecting to be power leveled through instances, instance runs are fine but having lvl 80's run you through instances will not help you learn the game or group dynamics
-be patient, if you whisper and dont get an immediate response it could mean that I am AFK or running an instance or raid.

Hope to see some new players and make some new friends.

*Gasp* no one from draka?!

Whytechapel and Bleedthrough are my characters on Draka (PvE, Central) and are both horde. I'd be happy to help out.
I would love love love love love to help..and I only play on one server.

Realm: Kel' Thuzad
Character: Talouse, Telandria, Fiveas, Terrallia, Chandier
Faction: Alliance..all of them

I might have to check the spelling on Terra's name..but I'll tell you if it's wrong. Erm' so yes. I would <33 helping. I have pretty well played every class through vanilla save lock..just don't like 'em.

I would put some experiences here..but it's brain pains me. ><

//Quotes self..

Erm..yeaaa I missed one on that I'mma add /hunter.

She's on the same server as all the other toons I listed, alliance, obviously..I just wasn't expecting to get her to 80 before cata.
Allerianna - Alliance - Baelgun

Played almost every kind of tank or healer.
Ha ha. Well, I can't very well NOT volunteer after some of the stuff I wrote over in the thread about what I'd like to know if I was a new player.

Realm: Bronzebeard

Character: Moanalisa (priest), Cinnamoan (paladin), Domoanatrix (shaman)

Faction: Alliance

I'm in Northrend a lot these days but the other two are mid-20 to mid-30 alts who would be happy to help someone along and answer questions.
Hi, I'd like to volunteer

Realm: Caelestrasz
Character: Shadelle, Boranor
Faction: Alliance

See you in game :)
Ahh I would love to help,

Realm - Turalyon
Character - Aginorr / Wenwu
Faction - Horde

I am pretty much always on, just hit me up and i'll help you with anything ya need.
I'd be happy to offer my time to some newbies.

My primary server is Wrymrest Accord as for the type it is RP. Alliance side you can message me on Lauste, or on Horde I can be found on Rivenna. I suppose for a specialty that would be Druids, but have experience with all classes except Death Knights. I have been playing the game since BC.

I can also be found on Kargath Horde side only. Feel free to shoot a message to Rivenna there ^w^

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