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I'd like to sign up to help new players!

Characters: Sabrewolf, Skywolf
Server: Archimonde US
Faction: Horde
Character: Actasanc
Server: Kirin Tor
Faction: Alliance

If you're a new alliance player feel free to buzz me!
Actually should be from this account, accidently posted from my friends account.
Looking for more mentos for Korgath. Sstormreaver is retired.
Character: Chalisse
Realm: Doomhammer US
Faction: Alliance
Please feel free to add:

Blackwater Raiders/Horde Zariellinia
Blackwater Raiders/Alliance Darmaid

to the list.
Please add me to the list

Character: Molaram
Realm: Wildhammer
Faction: Alliance
Can I add my BattleTag? It's TurranMC#1623. You can read more about me on the first page of this thread (post #19). I said at that time that I've been playing this game for six years. Well now it's eight years :). I'm posting my BattleTag so you can even ask questions cross-server or when I'm on an alt. Anyone can add me and I'm more than willing to help with any questions people may have.
Realm: Doomhammer
Character: Pookatart
Faction: Alliance

If I'm not on 'tart I'm on Pookatrix or Pookakitty. We <3 newbsauce!
I am always willing to help out friendly new players.


All toons are on Norgannon (horde)

Battle Tag: Namilea1678
Just checking in since it's been a while. Still up for helpin' people out on Icecrown with information/how-to's. Only been contacted once since I signed up. *shrug* Seems like the newer people to the game may not be aware of how to get the information contained in here.

Keep up the great work guys!
Name: Ayao
Faction: Horde
I was wondering as a first timer to retail starting out on MoP if anyone can help me out to be my mentor?


Thank you in advance
09/28/2012 11:37 AMPosted by Lineiqt
I was wondering as a first timer to retail starting out on MoP if anyone can help me out to be my mentor?

This thread isn't a place to ask mentors to come find you; it's probably not something many people actually read, to be honest. (Except for me, and maybe a few of the regulars. xD)

It's a resource for YOU to read, and find someone you can get in contact with. It's up to you to contact them, not really the other way around.

Although I don't think there are any mentors on the list for the Arthas realm... I think there's a few people that have volunteered their BattleTags on the list (you'd have to scan through and find those players with BattleTags next to their names in parentheses, in the form of BattleTagName#1234).

You can then send them a BT friend request in game (be sure to tell them you found them on this list). It doesn't matter what faction or server they are on; once they accept your friend request, you can talk to them whenever you see them online.

That is an option, if you feel you really need some in-game help.

Good luck!
Realm: Icecrown
Character: Kalabhalu
Faction: Alliance
BT: SligSlog#1358
Realm: Tichondrius
Character: Kerr
Faction: Alliance
BT: Kerr#1291

Not listing more characters since I have the battletag there.

Been playing since 2004 and I had an 85 of each class in cata, so I can probably give advice over anything you might have a question on.
I run a small social guild on my server too, we're always glad to help (:

Edit: Thanks for the add!
Hit me up. Experienced BC player

Character: Ahlstrom
Realm: Executus
Faction: Horde
hello guys, was wondering of anyone would like to help me by sending a SoR? Thanks!
10/12/2012 05:38 PMPosted by Rilk
hello guys, was wondering of anyone would like to help me by sending a SoR? Thanks!

Not in this thread, go to the sticky marked "Scroll of Resurrection requests".

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