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I would love to help!

Character name: Valithyria
Faction: Alliance
Server: Emerald Dream

(I'll be returning from my break in about a week).
I used to play this game back in 2004 till I decided to leave because of gold spammers and all.
So being back now I kind of need help on what & where shall I go to hunt.
I am a lvl 16 warlock atm but hope to be 20 soon so I can get my mount.

Any help would do

Thank You
Please add me to the list!


Frostmane Alliance
I would love to volunteer to be an in-game mentor.

Realm: Zul'Jin
Characters: Emiryu, Yakumi, Takehara, & Kyokenbyo
Faction: Horde (for alliance I have Soyuki & Kyosei)

I love helping people but don't be put off if I don't answer right away. Often I walk away or am fighting for my life but I do get back to people! I enjoy helping people and even if it's a silly question, I don't mind at all!
I'm willing.

Realm: Aerie Peak
Character: Dmom (main)
Faction: Alliance
Reporting for Duty.

Realm: Lothar
Characters: Devout, Zaxu, Sifang, Esthesia, Agricola
Faction: Horde
Red 5 signing on.

Realm: Magtheridan
Character: Flazyduck
faction: Horde
Always help out and be honored to help.

Realm: Coilfang
Character: Daisyfan
Faction: Horde
Would love to help.

Realm: Area 52 US
Characters: Midare, Alaeren, Kelendras, Meixiu, Aendas.
Faction: Horde. (No ally characters really).

Usually available after 7 pm.
i'l throw my hand into this.

Realm: Moon Guard, Kael'thas
Kael'thas toons Horde side: Fulmis, Jarilo
Kael'thas toons Alliance side: Anraeth, Sacraßellum
Moon Guard Horde side: Jarilo, Alturia, Gaelik
Moon Guard Alliance: Anraeth
im on after 1 PM weekdays, most of the day weekends. wont be online till next week though.
I'm already on the list, but wanted to add other toons I'm on.

Realm: Doomhammer
Character: Chalisse (main), Kristy, Aerilune, Camberlee, Meihui, Marisoleil, Miralyn, Aliyaah, Kerilyn
Faction: Alliance
Battletag: Woobie#1844
I'm not the most experienced player, but I will be more than willing to help anyone who wants it.

Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Character: Hàely, Lerwin, Tezai.
Faction: Alliance
Battletag: jjuice#1899
Please add me to the list.

Pirates of Blackwater
Oh goodie, I'm still on the list. :D

But, I would like to request that my BattleTag be added, if that's possible? I feel since I toon hop [though I spend a good amount of time on this character still] that it would be much easier to reach me that way.


Gimme a shout if you ever need assistance! If I can't answer a question, I'm pretty sure my husband [who has been playing since Warcraft] could give me the information you're asking about. :)
A bandwagon worth jumping on, count me in.

Realm: Garona
Faction: Alliance
Characters: Chemtale, Zomgnowai, Taylin, Azunai, Smogharp
Battletag: Chemtale#1855
f you're a new player and need help getting a quest done or a dungeon done you can message me if you're on the Blackhand Realm / Server. You can try messaging the following characters:


Just send me a message letting me know you're new and what you need help with.

If I don't reply then try sending me mail in game as I was most likely in a Dungeon or in PvP but check my mail often.
I would like to join the list of volunteers.

Realm: Blackwater Raiders
Faction: Alliance
Characters: Arnblas, Arnbless

Realm- Moonguard.

Faction- Alliance.

I would like to help. :)

Will try my very best to help.
I'll gladly help out if anyone needs.

Realm: Moonguard
Faction: Horde
Name: Joxxy

Realm: Kael'thas
Faction: Horde
Name: Limitt
BT: xXitsAjoxyXx#1542

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