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New Player Help and Guides
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Realm: Sentinels
Faction: Alliance
Name: Pìggie
BT: Orica#1826
I wanna be a volunteer! Alliance, Doomhammer, Battletag: Zeff#1485, I can be found on characters Karmai, Zeff, Brymn, or Zeffers for the most part.
Offering my help as much as I can.

Bleeding Hollow

Axios - 90 BE Warrior / Horde

The o is with the numberpad command alt+ 0216

Battle Tag : Morlu#1948
I'd be willing to help out any way I can. I don't have a lot of experience in end-game type stuff, but I've rolled *SOOOO* many alts that I've got all the starter zones practically memorized. :)

Whisperwind - Alliance

Battletag (probably easier cause I'm too ADHD to stay on one toon for long lol) JillyBean#1899

Notice a trend with the names? :)
I'd love to help as much as I can, only problem is I'm most likely not on as much as others are,
but here goes. Mostly I'm on 5-7 server time M-Th. later Friday nights and most weekends I play till I drop :)

Btag StumpyPete#1749
Sure i can help, Im leveling a lower level horde and some mid low level alliance so i can help people level.

Realm: Khaz'goroth oceanic pve
Character: Supson, Mildern, Bocian (level 9 shaman)
Faction: Horde, have some level 20's on alliance
Battletag: Deadghosty#1766
i'll volunteer to help the horde, tortheldrin pvp server put me down for lostlediya and socrolediya
Antium - Skywall PvE
Greetings. Looking for a mentor.
More than happy to help with any questions, needs, friendship, guild, groups etc :)

All my toons are Mech: Mechgyver, Mechbeth, Mechlovin so on and so forth.

Realm: Arygos PVE
Faction: Alliance
Battletag: Mech#1311

Please feel free to add my name to the list. I've been around since BC off and on and would love to pass along positive new player experiences.
Happy to answer any questions/provide assistance when I am not currently raiding.

Server: US-Illidan
Faction: Horde
Name: Vokün (alt code 0252)
Battletag: GhostSniperW#1489
Realm: Aegwynn
Faction: Alliance
Name: Cylara
Battletag: Ash#1325

Would love to help any new players that might need it.
Server: Darrowmere
Faction: Horde
Name : Raysong
Can anyone help Me to the place to learn to fly in Pandaira
Can anyone help Me to the place to learn to fly in Pandaira

This forum, and definitely not this thread, are not the place to ask for in-game assistance or an in-person tour guide.

This thread is for people to add their name to a list of players who are willing to field questions while in-game, not for players to ask for in-game help.

If you want help in-game you're going to have to browse this list, find someone on your realm/faction and ask them (in game) if they'd be willing to escort you there.
Go ahead and remove me from the list since I'm letting my sub run out on the current billing cycle. I think I'm listed under Lupor, Icedragon, and Arrowhoof.
Realm: US-Shandris
Faction: Horde
Characters: Bep, Forriste
Battletag: Amazious#1123

I'd like to volunteer!

Realm & Faction: Misha (alliance)
Characters: Samuraiveru, Éwok, Liko, Soonsoo, Aloras, Mylli, Gárgamel, Dakku
Battletag: Samurai#1834

Feel free to add me in-game and I'll be happy to help.

I thought about offering a "School of Tanking" or "School of Healing" service, something like help low level chars go thru dungeons at a slow pace, for them to understand basic healing-tanking mechanics. If you are interested, let me know.
Realm: US-Sargeras
Faction: Ally, baby!
Charcters: Riotplznerf
Battletag: nightarya#1559

Always here and ready. College keeps me at kinda weird hours though.
im new and have the starter edition and just wondering were do i go to get good money at level 20

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