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im new and have the starter edition and just wondering were do i go to get good money at level 20

You should really make your own thread for your questions. The regulars don't check the stickies for new comments all that often, it's why your comment went 13 hours without getting an answer meanwhile new threads that were started in that time were answered several times over. This goes doubly true for sticky threads that are set aside for a specific purpose not related to questions. This thread is meant for veteran players to add their name to a list of players who don't mind being contacted in-game by random newbies.

As a starter edition you can only accumulate 10g at a time. You can accumulate more if you buy the highest priced vendor item you can that stacks and store them in your bank until you need the gold. Then sell them back to the vendor as you need to (note you'll only get 1/4 back the gold you spent on said item).

As for how to get the gold: quest, kill things, run dungeons, fish in wreckage pools, get any 2 of mining/herbalism/skinning as professions. Anything you get from these sources that you can't use, sell to a vendor (or save it for the Auction House if you plan on upgrading as you'll get a better price for them there). Items with gray names are always sold to a vendor, even by players with AH access.
Would love to help out in any way I can!

Realm: Nagrand (Oceanic PVE)
Faction: Horde
Toon names: Rielyne, Azaleia, Shrimps, Laeila
Btag: calista#1305 (Probably a better option because I swap between toons a lot)

Not sure how you're organising the google spreadsheets, but I also play on another server/faction regularly. Nagrand is where my main's at so if you're only listing one realm per person, that would be the one I'm going for.

Realm: Caelestrasz (Oceanic PVE)
Faction: Alliance
Toon name: Alynnia
Btag same as above
Is this still being updated, and can we add our b-tags since I play 15 different characters? If so, mine is Selene5908#1367
My main is Doelling on Azjol-Nerub (PvE, US, Alliance), but I'm often on alts (same server), so my Battletag is #DOELLING1929
i like to help new players.. ysera server . toon:Direstrife
Update: to include my BattleTag :)

Realm: Moon Guard
Faction: Alliance
Name: Rynok
BT: Rynok#1816
I would love to help too! It's probably easiest to reach me with my battletag as I swap between toons alot.

Battletag: Jaskari#1647

Realm: Zul'Jin
Toons: Jaskari, Kadiera, Losata, Kertisis, Shelocta

Realm: Tanaris
Toon: Vargas
Someone had sent me a whisper about this while I was doing dailies with the missus a few weeks ago. Please send me an ingame mail, person whose name I forgot. Being an old curmudgeon and all
I'd love to help too. :D

Battletag: Knaris#1597

Just let me know what you're adding me for when you add me, or else I won't realize what you're friending me for.
Would love to get in on this and help some new players. :)

Battletag: Littlelion#1868
Faction: Horde
Realm: Burning Blade
Toons: Littlelion, Lunea, Notformilkin, Healingbeef, & Sunbear
I can help out, I remember driving my brother crazy with questions so I know the feel of being lost :P

Toon Names: Llnx (second letter is a lowercase L), and Dimittri
Faction: Horde
Realm: Arthas
Battletags: Dimitri#1999
I can definitely help out, love answering questions and such. :3 I mainly play in BH, but I do have 90s on Gorefiend that I play occasionally.

BT: melrose#1390
Realm: Gorefiend,
Faction: Alliance
Toons: Lunar

Realm: Bleeding Hollow
Faction: Horde
Toons: Valantha, Tzuki, Lenzia

Just get me on my BT, as I switch between characters often.
Any volunteers for Aggramar?
If this thread is still going, I've moved to Kel'Thuzad Alliance US realm. Feel free to come there and I'll help new players. :)
came across this thread, and thought it was a great idea, so i want to throw my name into the list as well i'll list my 2 characters below for anyone wanting help, as they say, all you gotta do is ask!

Name: Solgath, Server: Saurfang, Faction: Horde, Oceanic Realm
Name: Nelynis, Server: Saurfang, Faction: Horde, Oceanic Realm

Battletag: Solgath#1936
Characters: Azteco (main), Flameis, and Trider
Faction: Horde
Realm: Bladefist (Normal)

I enjoy helping other players learn their class when it comes to good performance. I am knowledgeable in both PvE/PvP. I can provide my knowledge and experience to the new players so they can get the best performance out of their class whether it'd be pvp or pve.
Not interested in making new characters to level with them because I won't always be online to help them with a quest or dungeon everytime they want too. But I am very interested in running them in dungeons, helping them quest, or simply just flying around azeroth with them. ;)

PS: not comfortable giving battletag on public forum but willing to give it to the player I am mentoring.
Put me down as one for Caelestrasz.

Characters: Elorael
Faction: Alliance
Realm: Caelestrasz (Oceanic PVE)


I don't know squat about PVP, but I can cover most non-class specific questions for PVE and general knowledge.
Sign me up! I always love spreading knowledge!

Realm: Illidan
Faction: Horde
Character Names: Naxius, Naxpanda, Allbeefy
BT: Naxrifice#1275

I love giving beginner tips, and I have reasonable knowledge of raiding, dungeons, gearing, and some pvp.

I can teach you how to play the hell out of a rogue though :D
I can help with PvE or PvP

Character name: Rainbowcräsh
Faction: Alliance

BattleTag: wunksta#1892
I would love to help anyone, and possibly help move them to my realm to help better them, or move to their realm.

Character Name: Hawtnspicy/Angrychair
Faction: Horde
Realm: Turalyon (US)
BattleTag: SilverBullet#1451

I've helped many people before in my past, and I wish to continue to do so, it's a lot of fun and very rewarding.

Thank you.

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