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Realm: Altar of Storms
Character: Exylem
Faction: The Ebon Blade (Alliance :P)
Marhan on Dragonmaw is now know as Alestrom.


Realm: Dragonmaw
Character: Alestrom
Faction: Alliance
I'd help with this:

Characters: Tritonis, Tricemus, Tricit, Trichaos, Triarm
Realm: Madoran
Faction: Alliance

Character: Bahmis
Realm: Deathwing
Faction: Horde
You can add me! I play allie on Trollbane. Here are my toons:

Kodiz, Grimbeard, Segs

my main is a priest, so i'm good for some healing advice.
Never knew this existed till recently, this is a fantastic tool and I would be delighted to help:

Realm:Boulderfist (PvP)

Realm:Doomhammer (PvE)
Character:Dodinarvi, Sasia

I have been playing this game for a LONG time and can pick up any class and play it with a workable degree of efficiency. I enjoy helping new players and look forward to helping others along in their travels. I only wish I had known about this sooner. :)
I certainly wouldn't mind helping some new players out.

Realm: Alexstrasza (PvE)
Faction: Alliance
Main: Sellestara
Alts: Sellestique, Sellestiarra, Sellestaria, Sellestarra

I have way too many 80s (soon to be 85s), but those alts are the ones I would be on most, if at all. Also, I should mention that I have a spam filter that blocks anyone level 5 and under (60 and under for DKs), but it sends an auto-response informing them of that... so it shouldn't be too big of an issue for anyone serious about seeking help that can't be answered by the beginning tutorials.
Charecters: Blademeld, Zenixilie, Grimfarl.
Realm: Icecrown (PvE)
Faction: Alliance

Add me to the list, as I know how valuable guidance is for newbies.
Indeed, I'd love to help out new players and it seems Balnazzar isn't represented.

Evadora - Balnazzar (PvP, CST)
Definitely wouldn't mind helping. Meroe, Alliance Moonrunner. Chances are that if I don't know it, I know people who do. :)
any mentors in the Ghostlands for alliance?
I'd love to help any fellow leveling Alliance players! I'm on most of the time during the week :)

Tóyòkå (Main), Toyoka (Alt) - Ner'zhul (PvP, Eastern Time)
I"ll be glad to help out new players. Demon Soul sure could use more Alliance players..

Realm: Demon Soul
Character: Timex
Faction: Alliance

I don't see Blood Furnace up there at all, so I'll contribute to some help for anyone knew wanting to play here. I've been on this server, on and off (until Cata!), since its inception on the launch of Burning Crusade, and I'm usually online in the evenings. This is the only character I currently play.

Name: YayOrbitGum
Server: Blood Furnace (PvP, CST)
Faction: Horde
I'd be glad to help any new members to the Alliance on Thunderlord!

Realm: Thunderlord
Characters: Gamrin, Gamren (PVP, CST)
Faction: Alliance
I'm available on Elune and have toons at almost all levels and I think at least one of every class. There are more but I forget their names, these are the ones I play the most.

Quincyleroy 80 (DK - Blood and Frost dual)
Kdense 36 (Druid - Restoration and Balance)
Kdensity 68 (Mage - Frost and Arcane)
Ouknow 22 (Warlock - Demonology)
Bahamama 23 (Shaman - Enhancement)
Kemosabeuno 58 (Paladin - Protection and Holy)

all are Alliance. I will be starting a Horde when Cat starts and will post that info too.
I can help both Alliance and Horde on Proudmoore!

Realm: Proudmoore
Character: Arreen (Alliance), or Vorjin (Horde)
Faction: Alliance for Arreen, Horde for Vorjin.

Send a whisper if I'm on, and I'll do what I can!
Realm: Boulderfist-Horde-PVP-(PST)
Main: Moonstricken 80-Priest
Alts: Cryptonite 80-rogue, Cryptonight 80-warrior, Cryptoknight 80-DK, Zerfal 80 Warlock, Aurawra-79 Druid, Derptonite-80 Hunter, Icitas-80 mage, Virox-80 Shaman, and Retdream-80 Paladin.
Realm: Lethon - Horde - PvP
Main: Zoja-80 Undead Rogue
Alts: Omgahippie (PvE leveling druid), Omgshootit (PvP leveling hunter)

Since there is not a soul on Lethon so far in response to this thread I am adding my name to this great list. Always around to answer questions or kill locked boxes on Lethon Horde side as needed. I have some experience Alliance side on PvE servers, but none so far on Lethon. In case I am not on, I may not always be around due to work, send me an in-game mail on Zoja if I am not on /who and I will answer as quickly as possible!


Character name:

Guild name: AST

I will be starting a new Wargan come the 7th, will update the name, but if someone needs to get a hold of me, simply search the guild name "AST" and ask any member online if Varro or Arthice is online.

I will be more then will to help out where I can.
Hey no Thrall volunteers! So I guess I'll sign up.

Server: Thrall - PvE

Character: Hiepr

If you need to any questions answered just drop me a PM or send me an in game mail. I'll try to help you to the best of my abilities. Also when sending me a PM/Mail please say you came from the New player forums otherwise I might be totally confused on why you're asking me! I'm not on Hiepr recently but I get on every day or two to check. Also ask my Guildmates if Hiepr is on and if they ask who you are just say you got sent here from the forums!

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