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08/05/2015 04:38 PMPosted by Shavai
Also, it's very important that you mention you came from the Giving Back thread if you are trying to friend request me (as stated in the original post). I do a lot of raiding and frequently get friend requests from people I know nothing about, so I tend to decline any request that isn't specific about why they want me to accept their friend request.

I wanted to address this particular point for anyone who reads it--when sending a BattleTag/RealID request, you no longer can include a note to explain who you are.

This feature was unfortunately removed due to gold spammers/phishers using it to spam their illicit advertisements. The problem was mostly bad for Diablo III players (as their BT is visible on the D3 forums, so it was easy to farm BTs and then mass-spam friend requests), so Blizzard had to remove the feature for everyone.

We can all thank the gold farmers and phishers trying to steal your money and accounts for why we can't have nice things.

I've updated the first post of this thread slightly to reflect the fact that you cannot identify yourself when sending a BT friend request.
I would love to volunteer.
Lucinia or Luminisa on Terokkar/Alexstrazsa
PVE alliance (with alts on several servers and on both factions)
Quinus - Horde - Ursin (+Scilla, Andorhal, Zuluhed) I have characters for both Alliance and Horde! Feel free to pst anytime! Battletag : UrsaQuinus#1853
Feel free to add me to that list.

Btag - Dragonwolf #1913

Dragontalon - Horde - Kargath (I'm on this guy first thing when I log in)
Wraithious - Alliance - Stormrage (leveling him up rather quickly)

Feel free to send me a whisper in-game anytime!
BattleTag: Kalishnu#1781

I am easiest to find by my BattleTag. I have numerous characters on several realms; these are the ones I play most actively:

Warsong (Balnazzar, Gorgonnash, The Forgotten Coast, Alterac Mountains) (PvP)

Kelemari [Horde]

Silvermoon (Normal - PvE)

I role play all of my characters, and they have distinct personalities when they /say or /yell something or communicate with their /party, /instance or /raid. If I /tell you something, that's when I am speaking for myself.

I am a petaholic and you can find me (and much information on battle pets) on if you have particular questions about leveling and battling pets.
Add me to list. Battle tag snakesin#0518.

Wyrmrest Accord - Horde - hailsin, qorasin, dylsin, snakesin, callasin, bubblesin.

For the most part, I'm available unless doing things with guild or playing with my son. Don't be afraid to ask me for help.
i would like to add this toon my btag is trauma#1109 and im on ysera pve server
Awesome! I'd love to help too!

Realm: Ursin
Faction: Horde
Character: Grump
BattleTag: JoeTroll #1630
Realm: Ner'Zhul
Character: Melphas
Faction: Alliance
Btag: Ivy#1758
I'd love to help
Realm: Dalaran
Character: Cheatenabled
Faction: Alliance
BattleTag: Cheatenabled#1482
Kaaous, Kaaouz, Kayous, Kayouz, Kaa

(Yea I'm so original at naming my characters!)

I'd like to help out as I can, no expert but I'm sure some of my experiences can help others.

Realm: Mal'ganis
Faction: Horde
(I'll avoid posting my btag cauuuse I have a bad habit of too many bnet friends)
Phurr, Chingweng

Realm: Korgath
Faction: Alliance
Battle Tag: Glitch13 #1901

I only really play at night, but if someone needs it i'll be glad to provide any help I can.
Im more than happy to help out new players!

Realm: Shadowsong
Faction: Alliance
Battle Tag: Mosingbel#1683

Im usually on the majority of the day and i'll try to give whatever help/advice i can!
Realm: Duskwood/Bloodhoof
Faction: Alliance
Battle Tag: Falcon#1729

Happy to help with PVE, PVP, whatever people are interested in learning about.
Realm: Azuremyst

Faction: Alliance


PVE stuff. o-o
I'll help ppl understand their character and how dungeons/raids are done. I got experience doing all three roles (tank/healer/dps).

send mail or whisper one of these guys. i will be on one of them DX
I'm not sure why I was removed from US-Sargeras Alliance. I've been helping new players for a very long time.
Feel free to add my battletag, I'll be happy to help.

Realm: Garona
Faction: Alliance
Battletag: Goat#6859
10/15/2015 02:43 AMPosted by Rabornsdk
I'm not sure why I was removed from US-Sargeras Alliance. I've been helping new players for a very long time.

I use the Armory to judge activity, so if, at the time I was cleaning up the lists, the Armory wasn't updating properly, it could have easily made it seem like you weren't active. Thanks for letting me know you're still here, though--I'll re-add you. :)
Still available for new players on Area 52.

Realm: Area 52
Faction: Horde

Can find me under one of these characters most often:

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