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New Player Help and Guides
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I would like to re-volunteer, as I've been away for a couple of years.

Realm: Runetotem - US (from Drak’thul-US)
Faction: Alliance
BattleTag: Adorician#1159

I'd like to volunteer! I know WoW can be extremely confusing at first, and am more than willing to help newer players out by answering questions or helping them with activities.

Realm: Hyjal - US
Faction: Horde
Timezone: UTC -7
Battletag: CanidSerpent#1177
Oceanic Server
A lvl 100 DK on Saurfang and on
Amanthul I have most of my characters.
Battletag: michelle#11275
Volunteering as a Game Mentor
Server: Dalaran
Faction: Alliance
Character Name: Tinkerizmo (this one).

Please whisper me first before adding me as a friend so I know who you are and that you aren't some random person.
Would love to give back and pay it forward. I've met a lot of great people playing this game and hope to continue that trend. Feel free to add me. I mainly play horde and I think I have a lower level alliance toon.

Maeverlyn - Ravencrest
Maeverlyn - Dalaran

I'm generally available nights and weekends til around 10pm EST. Both are Alliance. I also have a very little Horde toon, Maeverlyne on Dalaran.
07/12/2017 11:56 AMPosted by Elyssaelina

Happy to help new players out with questions/dungeons/raids, can msg me on btag if I'm on a different character too.

Realm: Frostmourne
Faction: Alliance
Btag: Iolanthe #1961 (the first I is an upper case i)

Please help me
Calling all 110 Players that would like to help Lv up a 66 Warrior newbie.

Realm Darlaran
Faction Alliance
Btag - Pashers1981#1400
my btag is connormk#1150 and i would love to help you
12/19/2017 08:49 PMPosted by Hammeryou
my btag is connormk#1150 and i would love to help you

Just added you pal
I'm more than willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs help, whether it be running dungeons/raids or just questions about the game.

Realm - Thrall
Faction - Horde
Battletag - Wraizz#1395
Looking to start again and would like a mentor/guide
Happy to help if any new player has questions or wants a hand

Realm - Stormrage
Faction - Alliance
Battletag - Syf#11464

Feel free to ask questions. Mythic raider looking to help on both factions.
Just wanted to update my information on here as I am still always willing to help out.

Battle Tag: Extravegant #1534

Alliance: Lightbringer (ßelnor)
Horde: Hyjal (Raloran)
Just wanted to add this character to the list, as I play him and my Priest who's already on the list about equally these days.

Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Faction: Horde
Battle Tag: CheeseSt1cks#1635
Just wanted to update my info.

Still Chirona on Lightbringer/Alliance, but I've been playing my horde hunter, Pepprika more lately.

Realm: Silver Hand (+Thormium Brotherhood, +Farstriders)
Faction: Horde
Battle Tag: Divinite#1640
Sure, could be cool.

I can help protection warriors, fury warriors, affliction warlocks, guardian druids, restoration druids, and outlaw rouges. I know all very well and raid at a mythic level with each.

NA-Horde, but that doesn't stop b-tag


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