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Yesterday I started noticing my game locks up in periods of frantic activity (transitions in LK fight) and even moderate action ( Aoe'ing trash mobs in U.Pinnacle). The game sort of stops responding for several seconds, and then starts up again. The only addon I have installed is DBM, but when I asked if others with the same addon were having similar problems, it appeared as if it was only me. Again, the freezes are never very long, but six or eight seconds of being completely inert and immoble is brutal on mechanic-heavy enounters. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
Commonly its a visual graphics issue, try during down your texture detail settings.
This problem is a hardware issue and not a software issue. The problem stems from the fact that your video card runs out of memory and has to "Freeze" in order to allocate resources to continue displaying the game. Unfortunately the only fix is to run the game at lower settings. Sometimes even at their lowest in order to fully be able to play it smoothly. This problem is the same for any Video Game being played on your computer, not just WoW.
For me it's only world of Warcraft that locks up. Not even Farcry 3 locks locks up.
I have the same problem. I mean it's not the graphics that freeze, I just can't interact with NPCs, and it just happens anywhere so I don't think that it is a problem related to a particular zone or action from my part.
this can happen if one of your pieces of hardware is under max or high load. it could be cpu, gpu, hdd, ram, vram.
as an example i get random stutters in game when im encoding video and it has one of my drives reading at max read speeds. when i encode from my raid0 drives it cant max out the read speed but instead maxes out cpu load. i use a program called battle encoder shirase to limit the amount of load a program can put on the cpu. when i do it this way i just get lower fps but no random stutter.
a way to check, if u can replicate the issue often, is have resource monitor and maybe gpuz opened in the background. when it freezes tab out and see what kind of loads everything is running at. might be able to pinpoint whats causing it and move on to why its happening.

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