Dispel Protection

Please give us some form of dispel resist akin to UA or anything, it is ridiculous that we are so shut down against spellsteal or any offensive dispel nobody else in game as nearly as crippled by dispel as us, even disc priests now aren't so wounded by a dispel or spellstealer as us
as salt to the wounds, lvl 80 spell steal is around 588 mana to cast after talents and any glyphs they might have, whereas cleanse is 615. I also hear purge and dispel are also really cheap...
They need to at least reevaluate the mana cost of these spells, since it seems paladins still have the highest base mana out of all the caster classes.
Right now all I can say is that when you use an important ability in pvp (AW, HoF, etc.), reapply your blessing and keep Righteous Fury up. Sometimes you get lucky and they keep stealing that as opposed to your freedom/AW.
Some dispel protection would be nice. Honestly, I'd be just as happy applying a debuff to my target. Why are ret pallies the only melee spec without a melee debuff? =/ SoT isn't practical outside of raids and the Exorcism dot glyph is does almost nothing.

Imo if I'm hitting someone in the face with a hammer, SOMETHING should be Bleeding.
Give Divine Storm a chance to Daze at least. :P

But yeah, dispels don't worry me too much. I just don't pop AW unless I'm putting a lot of pressure on them and they're on the defensive (although popping wings/HoW at the start of a fight is a valid strat now /sigh). I've only run into a few situations where HoF was dispelled at a critical moment (most players aren't that smart) and even in those cases you can always use bubble offensively.

Rets are getting an improved Cleanse that allows us to remove snares when used on ourselves. Prot doesn't really need a snare break with their Silence/Daze Captain America shield + ridiculous survivability/damage mitigation. Holy can already Cleanse everything.

If you're worried about Cleanse's mana cost you can glyph for it. =/

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