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Hello. I've been having this problem with a friend since what seems like forever.

I can't get voice chat in-game to work. My friend and I don't have anything other programs to talk that are common with each other.

Is the system broken or are we not doing something right?
I enabled it from the menu, tested it with the record test and likewise and it registers. My friend does the same and gets the same response. But we can't hear each other in party chat.

What's going on? -_-

I've noticed something: when I right click on party and try to enable chat, nothing happens. It just closes out. I think that might be the problem... but I don't know how to fix that.

P.S: No addons activated but recount at this moment.
Voice chat servers are up and running right now. Voice chat does require that the World of Warcraft UDP ports not be blocked so that chat can get to your computer on your end, and it not being blocked on your friend's side too. Setting up port forwarding on your router may fix it. Check this article for more information - http://us.blizzard.com/support/article.xml?articleId=21077
Alright. The port forwarding has to be it. It can't be anything else. Even though I disabled the firewall. I'll try the port forwarding thing. I'll update if I get it working. -_-
Well, I can't figure it out. All of that port forwarding is too much for me to undertake and disabling my firewall wasn't enough to make it work. Thanks for your help, Datth.

I'd recommend that the development team revamp the system, so that more people can use it. I've run into a lot of people who just say "download something else." It's a shame, because I want to use the one that the game comes with. =(
On most setups, it just works. I didn't have to do any configuring on mine at home for World of Warcraft. On others or more restrictive ones, it's just harder. If you know what kind of router and modem you have, other people here (or one of us) can try to walk you thru. Router firewalls are something that you can't quite turn off unless you turn on DMZ mode.
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http://portforward.com/ This website might help if you are having issues figuring out how to forward ports on your router. :D Its awesome!
I am not using anything that requires a freaking degree in programming. Make it work or tell us where to get something that does. I refuse to make programming changes to my pc just to talk. Ridiculous.
I agree, this shouldn't be this difficult. We have four separate users on 4 different computers/locations. We all bought the WOW headsets, but none of us can get them to work with the voice chat. We're all in the group, and connected but we simply cannot hear each other.
You two have software that blocks the feature, and it's Blizzard's fault? You don't have to use it to play the game. In fact, I don't know a single person who uses the in game chat over vent or other talking program.

If you went to that website like Eris asked you to, you would see something in the second paragraph that will make it better.

There is a common misconception about the term "portforwarding" and the confusion is pretty prevalent throughout the online gaming community. Most online games including WoW use a combination of UDP and TCP ports for the gaming client to talk to the WoW servers (let's call it the OUTBOUND direction). The way it works is that the client (let's say user's PC even though Mac is also a client) initiates a connection to WoW server over one of these ports:

TCP: 1119,3724,4000,6112,6113,6114,6881-6999
UDP: 3724

So, once a client sends data packets to a WoW server on let's say, TCP port 1119, then the server can send packets back to the user through that same connection. Basically, the PC opens up a conversation (known as a TCP socket), and both client and server can now talk back and forth. You home router/firewall, etc sees that the client talked to the server FIRST and now ALLOWS the server to talk back, but ONLY because the client started the conversation. Even though UDP is a different protocol most home router/firewalls and even university and corporate firewalls treat it the same, meaning, if a client (Pc or Mac) inside the firewall sends packets to a server outside the firewall, then the router/firewall allows the server to communicate back. BECAUSE the client talked first, the router/firewall remembers which of the PCs in the home network started the conversation and then can route the packets from the server back to the client PC.

Where portforwarding comes in to play is when a server needs to talk to a client and the server needs to initiate the conversation (known as the INBOUND direction since we're talking from the perspective of the WoW user). If the home router/firewall has 5 PCs behind it which are all on a private, NAT'd network, then if the PC didn't send the packets first, then those packets that arrive from the server to the firewall/router don't have a clear destination to go to. (i.e. there is no association in the router's memory to know which of the 5 PCs to send the packets to.) So in this case portforwarding would be static rules configured in the home router/firewall to tell the WoW server that if packets come in on this specific TCP or UDP port, then send them to PC #1 ( and not PCs 2 to 5).

However, this isn't necessary for your average WoW user. If it WAS necessary, then it would prevent more than 1 person in a home from playing since the home router could only forward the packets to one PC.

What the WoW client PC REALLY needs to understand is whether those ports above are being BLOCKED by your home firewall/router (or software based firewall on your pc/mac, OR university, corporate, or public hotspot firewall, etc.)

Some router/firewalls will block some or all of those ports I listed above. In the case of coroporate and university firewalls a lot of those entities block all ports (there are 65536 udp and 65535 tcp port) to begin with, and then only ALLOW specific ports for which there is a valid use (and WoW seldom is on this list unless a network admin goes back in to add them.)

For home PCs some firewall software can be very picky and try to block most ports. What you need is a tool that can try to send traffic from your pc/mac out to the Internet on those specific ports to see whether some intervening firewall (yours, or your ISPs, or your university/corporation) is ACTIVELY blocking those ports. If your PC can send packets to a server on the Internet over the needed ports, then it stands to reason it can send packets to the WoW specific servers over those same ports.

Firebind is a site that provides that test. It has a WoW specific test.


In summary, portforward, canyouseeme, yougetsignal, and a bunch of other sites test for portforwarding rules and do the test in the INBOUND direction. But what you really need is a test for blocked ports in the OUTBOUND direction, and only Firebind provides that. I think the reason that the waters have gotten so muddied over the years is that the tests that those INBOUND sites provide are very simply and only represent a few hours of programming work. But the Firebind OUTBOUND test is a lot more complicated to perform but now that it's available it's getting a lot of use in the online gaming community.

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My son and I are having the same issues. We have both shut down our anti-virus and made sure that the ports are not blocked etc. Still no luck. We can both use the microphone record utility within WoW and can hear our own voices. We can see the speaker icon next to our characters but neither one of us can hear the other. To be clear this was NOT the case in the earlier patches. Once we both upgraded to the latest patch the problem began. So we have all the same hardware and settings that we had before the patch and all worked fine. Now there is no chat capabilities. All the setup type screens show that all the settings are correct and working correctly. I could use some support from someone anyone from Blizzard to help us !?!?!?!
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