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I'm playing with an addon that prints a message on a regular basis, and for some reason if I comment out or remove the message (but leave the print in place) the addon goes screwy. Is there anyway to redirect the print output so it doesn't go to your main chat window (so I can avoid changing all my chat settings on all my characters to avoid that spam)?
if you want it to hide, you do the comment code before the command


--print("some text")

if you want to choose which chat frame it goes to, replace it with

ChatFramex:AddMessage("sometext") where x is 1 thorugh 10 (the chat frame number)

if you commented it out already and its still showing, its because that is not the print command thats printing.
It's also possible to change the exact behavior of print(...) with getprinthandler() and setprinthandler(func), or put a local function print() in oyur add-on that provides specialized handling.

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