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Bug Report
Alright, lets start a whole raid-bug report thread, since there's none listed in the blue-posts "Known bugs" lists. If you know more, post them under mine.
For me, I know of a few major ones.

1) The Illidari Council in BT gets healed faster than you can DPS them down, ever. We believe it's due to SMITE, since our guild Priest's smite seems to heal anyone around who gets nailed with it.

2) Malygos's phase 2 (Drake phase) starts him back at full life, which makes things impossible to beat.

3) Any of the wyrmrest raids are difficult to get back into without being DC'd when you wipe. The gryphons getting back down to the bottom of the tower cause 2 disconnects, one when you get into the tower with it, and one when you reach the portal. The second sometimes does not happen, but the first always does.

4) Ulduar's Yogg-Saron is impossible to kill.

Again these are just the ones I've experienced. It's really hard to do much of anything right now other than ICC. My group got to Syndregosa the first 2 nights, but when we went to Ruby Sanctum, we couldn't down one of the mini-bosses. He debuffed 5 players instantly and just wrecked our tanks before anybody can do anything, and that's not a strategy issue, but I don't know that it's an actual bug like the others I've listed.

If you have some not listed here, post what you have. Hopefully this will get looked at, and possibly some hot fixes going through. It would be grand to be able to run things other than ICC or Naxx, but it's very difficult to do.

Healing issue is affecting MANY bosses, and not just raids. pretty much any idle mob will begin to heal if it recieves no damage for x amount of their out of combat regen activates cause the BOSS is out of combat with you even though you're not out of combat with the boss. But this is what's causing your issue 1 2 and 4. Blues have yet to acknowledge it, but it's a widespread and serious issue.

#3. The arch disconnect in RS can be avoided by not entering archway at ground level. Walk just far enough in to get re-mounted, fly straight up, then fly through safely. although it's definitely still a bug, easy to avoid at least.

#4. btw Yogg saron is NOT impossible to kill, even alone in darkness. just takes more adds in phase 1 to push sara over from the healing but that's it. pop a couple extra and you'll do it in same amount of time as before bug.
Here's one I had happen to me alot and this also happened to a few guildies running OS3D. When we wipe and attempt to fly back to the portal entranceway, I, along with a few guildies would get D/C'd once we crossed into the walkway where the portals were at.
That's one of the Wyrmrest raids I was talking about, Liquid xP
Sindragosa's fight:

tanks are being iceblocked during last phase even the tank who is currently tanking her is getting frost beaconed.

We managed to get her down still but it took us by surprise as I was going to clear my stacks of mystic buffet when the OT got iceblocked.
Ruby Sanctum:
at halion, We cant always see the orbs. Hard to kite the boss when you cant see them. I can only see the twilight cutter but sometimes too late as it is on us already. All video settings options are at ultra. Someone in range is able to see them when he is playing with his camera view and calling out when i need to start kiting... I am not used to depend on people for those things!!
I'm also having issues with extending my lockout this week, when I did it fine last week.

Zoning in to ICC in a different "instance". As in you run back in, and you're the only one there, with the rest of the raid in another instance.

Summoning bug, where you sometimes just can't summon anyone via warlock. Has happened multiple times, with different people trying to summon our missing raid members.

Edit: First one was acknowledged on the old forums.
Yea, the summoning bug was listed somewhere else as well, I just don't really remember where.
In other news, they did the patch yesterday. I'm hoping this fixes a few things...let us know!
Also, world exploding next week, confirmed. Enjoy that.

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