Random Disconnects. Please Help :S

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Hi there, this evening I've been having random disconnects, no matter what i'm doing. They've happened just hanging around, going into BG's, going into instances etc.

Once they happen once, they seem to start happening more frequently, i've had 4 deaths so far this evening due to this, and when i reconnect, it takes 4-5 minutes to get past 100% on the loading screen.

Also, one time when I was DC'd I came back into game, finished the DM run then when I exited the instance, I got ported to thalanaar FP even though I'd just walked out the instance entrance.

And my buttons haven't loaded properly, the button still works for the abilities but the picture isn't loaded/showing and some that are aren't showing cooldowns correctly.

Thanks in advance,

And again, I'll just bump it every time I get disconnected :D
Have you tried resetting everything by moving your WTF, Interface and Cache folders?

Your UI issue is most likely caused by an outdated addon.
Okay I'll try that, tyvm.
DC'd again.

Are you still having issues? I've seen scattered reports of random disconnects over the past week or so and I am trying to collate some information. I see some recent activity on your account and you haven't bumped your thread in a couple days, so I am just checking in.

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