Vely's Daily Musing 11/7/10

Death Knight
One month and Counting.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have one month until Cataclysm (/huzzah).

For today's musing I'll pose the question "What are you most looking forward to with our class and how are you going to get to 85?".

For myself, I plan on finding the instance entrances and then me and 4 other guildies are just going to grind normals all the way to 85; then we get to have fun in heroics. As for what I am most looking forward to for our class, Dark Simulacrum. Once one gets used to the timing of using it in pvp; It's going to be a devastating ability. Think of the madness of being able to AMS a nuke that you also stole and being able to reciprocate it instantly along with an attack of your own! For its use in PvE, we will have to wait and see what spells we can reciprocate. I do see it being useful is PvE though.

Knights of the Ebon Blade,
Transform and Roll Out!
I'm looking for to Necrotic Strike, and potentially being able to put adequate pressure on healers for a change.

As for leveling, I'm sure I'll be tanking plenty of instances, but I'll also be questing as well.
Our guild is taking the initiative to do a leveling core of quests together and dungeons. While we grind questing with 15 to 20 level 80s running around abolishing all in our path, we'll run into dungeon entrances and do what we can to finish them, as we all want to be Realm firsts. Though it'll be harder to manage with time zone differences.

Looking forward to tanking more with Cataclysm, as I am currently working on my tank set via Justice Points, and getting back to the old CC feel will be a nice touch. Also, RAIDS, look to be a big feature for our guild when we get to doing them in Cataclysm. I know these won't be everyone's cup of tea, but the story Deathwing brings will also be something I want to venture into uncovering more, after 85 that is.
I'm looking forward to actually having a rune strike thats unlinked from a dodge or parry requirement. My plan to get to 85 is to instance with friends and quest when they are sleeping. Dec 12th is my goal for level 85 and starting heroic dungeons.

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