Earth Shield

i was thinking today, this should not be the healing shield we use, nor should earthliving be the healing imbue. it says right on the Resto summary that we use the healing power of water to mend our allies - and we DO have a spell called Water Shield. i think that Water Shield should be the healing one, just to fit in with the more water-y theme of all our healing. riptide, healing surge, healing wave, jesus beam... err ok, maybe not that one =) but you see the theme. they can just rename water shield to mana shield. i know mages have mana shield, but DKs and warlocks both have Death Coils that do different things, so there's precedent for such a change. then just rename earthliving to waterliving, and make us complete watery healers.

just something that came to me today while i was out shamaning.
id say yes to the water theme. but only greater healing wave and rip tide look anything like water. the other heals are just the normal green druid healing thing. and i like looking like i have my own orbit. /flex ego

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