Dispel protection for pvp fire

There isn't any, unless I'm missing something. Our mastery is dot based, our long cool down is a dot, our top tier talent is a dot, but there's nothing ensuring their damage.

Hey Blizz, since you took away the living bomb explosion on dispel, what do you suggest for protecting it's damage? Or should we not attack a player with a competent priest or holy pally around?
While I agree that I would love to see LB have its dispel/explosion back I have been enjoying pvp'ing as fire. If you time it properly you can spread your dots around to many targets and watch as they all run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Then run in and DB them and watch as the dots do their work. People seem to forget that if you are alone and need some breathing space, DB will give you 5 sec of free time and you can continue to let your dots tick and even renew LB without disturbing DB.

I still would love our mastery to give us something more than just an increase on damage on our dots though.

Anyway, just my two cents.
It works well with impact, no doubt. You'd have to have a LOT of dispellers to negate that many dots in a group, but there are times in smaller scale pvp/skirmishes at BG objectives that a LOT of my damage can be removed without any repercussion. I'd hate to only be able to reach my full potential in aoe situations. ><

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