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Hello new players (and veterans too!)! My name is Chris and I am re-rolling onto the server called Dentarg. I extend an offer to have someone there to help you through your journey through Azeroth and beyond. I have been playing World of Warcraft since release of the original game and wish to help those who join us now, before the world is sundered. Currently, I've had 4 70's and 1 80 (a hunter).
So if I have these characters, why do I roll another? Well for one, I want to relearn the hunter class. But aside from that, I am going to be enjoying Azeroth one last time before the world is torn. I invite anyone, new or old, to join me and seeing, experiencing, and enjoying Azeroth before the expansion changes it.
I intend to start a guild quickly on the server, the name of which I am not quite sure. I hope each person whom decides to join me is ready to enjoy the game to it's fulliest. I do not want to be a power level guild or a guild that raids five days a week. We are going to be a social leveling guild focused on community rather than accomplishment. I would also like to get a blog going to record our accomplishments. I hope to have events up and running and guild gatherings for all to enjoy on the server.
I am about to leave for a night out to dinner, so when I return, I intend to start my character. Below is the information, I hope to see you all soon!

Name: Kircic (Chris)
Server: Dentarg
Class: Shaman
I will also be leveling a Horde character for those interested.
Good night, brother!
Well first of all I really appreciate this sense of partnership you are showing, that's something rare to find nowadays...
For your proposal, I'd really like to find someone to play with, since I'm kinda new to this game and I'm feeling really lonely :~~
I play a server called Gurubashi, for I have some old RL's on it... Would you play this server too?
Or your plans are really only playing the one you commented?
I'm 16, amost 17 (December, 21st! haha) and I really won't be bothering you with annoying questions, I swear! haha

Hoping to hear from you soon,
Yours, Seromontis
I would be willing to re-roll and participate in the event you are talking about; and I guess I'm wondering what your current plans are...
Updated the list with my horde Character. Of course I will play on your server.

Evennia, I intend small games, dueling tournaments, prizes, other small but fun tasks to get the guild away from the everyday "Quest Quest, Ding, Quest Quest Quest...".

I also want to have instance groups going, so that others need not the random dungeon finder or don't need to find 4 others for it but can group with people their level and get faster queues.

As of now, I will only be playing the Paladin with the Hunter on the side, but come cataclysm my inner alt-aholic will take over and force me to play Worgen and Goblin a lot more.
Noble brother Kircic,

I've tried to add you as a friend ingame, but with no success!
Guess you haven't created it yet?

Looking forward for an answer
Yours, Seromontis
He is created but I am logging in now.
Well, I'm online, whenever you are too; come talk to me, brother.

Yours, Seromontis
He is created but I am logging in now.

Well, I logged into Gurubashi to check and see if I could chat with you, and I beheld that the player was not found. :(

EDIT: Player not found is right.
Seromontis, sorry but I find I will not have the time to balance playing both servers. Also, I am on the east coast and Gurubashi yields a high ping for me.
You're missing again!

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