Few Questions about Holy Pally

1) How important is activating the 5% intellect bonus from plate specialisation? The reason I ask is prior to 4.0.1 hitting live, my Holy Pally was decked out in haste maximised gear (namely Leggings of Woven Death, Meteor Chaser's Raiment, Lightning Soul Boots, Marrowgar's mail bracers etc) for a total of 945 haste. I have invested justice points in picking up the badge plate chest...but after doing the math, I realised that I would effectively be losing ~200-250 haste rating in picking up plate items for these slots and gaining ~100 crit & some spirit...I forget the exact numbers.

TL;DR: Is it worth it, given that I'll be losing a big chunk of haste?

2) Spell priority! Finally got Kingslayer on this pally (tis an alt :( ) last night, where I ended up having to solo heal most of the fight (disc priest got carried off by valk & resto druid fell off during transition phase)...I looked over my recount and found that Flash of Light & Holy Shock were my biggest heals, followed by Word of Glory. Is this an accurate representation of current spell priority?

TL;DR: Considering spell cast time, heal per cast & mana per cast...what is the priority to follow?

3) Statwise, how important is haste for us now? I've read conflicting opinions about this on the forums, where people say that Haste isn't as important anymore, and that we should be valuing Crit above all else (with the opposite view expressed of course). How true is this? Does this effect gemming?

4) How viable is melee'ing the boss for mana during the fight? Used to do this with Seal of Wisdom + Judgment of Wisdom all the time..but mana feels a bit tighter this time around. I'm practically scared to death of using Divine Plea because of the 50% lesser healing clause.

Looking forward to responses.
1. You are going to have to run the numbers yourself on that one, does the intellect gained outweigh the stats lost? Specializations were added to be beneficial and stop classes from bidding on gear that isn't "primarily" theirs (All items BiS was higher spreadsheet dps over all plate, but not enough that it will continue to outweigh specialization bonus ... although this is a bit different for healers). At this point in the expansion I don't think it would be worth switching out and re-enchanting, but come Cata I suspect that you will want to stay in all plate.

2. On normal modes, yes. Here is a post I made in another thread that sums up how holy works now vs. in Cata
So right now you can spam Flash of light on pretty much every fight except for Lich King and with proper CD usage you shouldn't go out of mana before the fight is over. However this is not how blizzard has intended for paladins to be played, and is only going to work until Cataclysm is released.

In Cataclysm you will be using Holy Light, Holy Shock, and Word of Glory as your main spells while Flash of Light and Divine light will be used, but used rarely.

3. I haven't looked into any solid numbers, but I imagine that haste is important since our spam spell is long as hell now without procs. Blizzards intentions are that we have to think before healing and can't just spam spells or we will go out of mana. for this many people are re-forging crit -> spirit for now. Maybe someone has followed this a little better and can shed some more light.

4. I wouldn't sweat the Divine pleas 50% healing, you can match it with trinkets and CD's to negate that healing loss. Almost all fights, especially now have a chance where you can use it without another CD due to low damage or something. I would recommend matching it with a cancelaura macro so that you can take it off if needed.
Haste isn't quite as valuable as it used to be. You still want a lot to keep your GCD down, but Intellect is still the highest priority stat. I wouldn't stress over lost haste to lose 5% intellect.

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