Nvidia 3D Vision is not working after Patch

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Hi, after I installed the new patch 4.x my 3D vision glasses is not working. I mark the stereo option but nothing happens. Anyone knows anything?
From the following thread:
Enable Stereo Video isn't working due to a UI bug. It will be fixed in a future patch. For now, try using these macros to turn them on and off:
Stereo ON
/script SetCvar("gxStereoEnabled", 1); RestartGx();
Stereo OFF
/script SetCVar("gxStereoEnabled", 0); RestartGx();

I have read that the
"/script SetCvar("gxStereoEnabled", 1); RestartGx(); " may have a typo and that it should be
"/script SetCV. . . . . . " with a cap V instead of the lower case v.
If one way does not work try the other

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