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After a long break and I have to redo all my toons. On my hunter, which is almost lvl 80. Im trying to decide where to put his talent points. Where is the best place now to put the points? I use to do BM but if I can do better elsewhere, Id rather do that.
With so few talents to choose from (compared to before) the difference between PVP and PVE abilities are pretty clear cut.
Spec however you want to continue leveling up. Nothing wrong with BM. Depending on your pet, it can hold aggro nicely and make leveling go a bit smoother (aka no kiting).
MM is the preferred spec for DPS at level 80. My spec is the current cookie cutter.
I went BM when they changed the talent tree. I usually run with my dps pet at the moment while my fiance runs with his turtle tank. We did a run with these two on ZG on two of the bosses for the mounts that are being removed. Although we didn't get the mounts we noticed that my dps cat topped all our dps. Though with the dps drop now (and no I don't have top notch armor), I don't do level 80 dungeons, because no groups want new level 80s most of the time. But I do know that my dps cat was 10k to 15k on those bosses there. I never liked MM but did do it before the patch. I was shocked my dps cat was dropping those numbers and was pleased.

its pretty fun
its pretty fun

This has to be a freakin' record. 3 years....damn bro.

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