Meanest Shamans! compare your HKs!!!

126,395 kills so far.. and counting. MEAN COW GIRL HERE YARRR!!!
Only 75k here. But across all my characters probably a good 130k I bet. I know I have at least 25k on my warlock and at least 15k on my hunter from vanilla.
Little over 100k.
WotLK's initial gib fests really put a sour taste in my mouth - I've barely pvped at all this expansion. Just shy of 89k, of which most was done pre-wotlk.
I only started pvping on the shammy post patch, so just over 10k here but it's moving pretty fast.
66859 here, but I went into Wrath with maybe 15k >.>
._. I thought my 17k was a decent amount.
A few hundred shy of 80k I have only played Wotlk ;)
At 51k. Not too bad, I guess.
Right around 1500, and going strong
40.8k :/ Not to many, was grinding for of the Horde until my good internet provider moved out of the area, SoB :P.
133943 :( the q's have stopped my interest in pvp for most of wotlk.
Only about 28k because I feel like a sitting duck to other classes. After the initial buff in 3.0 to prot warriors to make them pvp BG juggernaughts, I really don't even try anymore. And yeah, the queues are now longer than the queue as a dps for a heroic. Brilliant.
25k+ Little over 90k across all five of my toons. I pvped on my alts too much these past two years. Gonna focus on improving my shaman main here in Cata
72493, just working on wsg rep so I could be a lot higher if I wanted
OMG you guys, i only have like 5k, i used to hate PVP.
76k on this guy sadly my lock has 98k and war has 45k

wish didnt play so many alts ;(
18k, 16 of that being done since 4.0

WTB account-wide HKs.

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