Something is broken in WOW

Are you trolling us? You are single minded fury for pvp.....No.

Do we have a new "Dagger Fury" post on the new forums already? I hope so.
Yes, its dificult for the warrior to win duels 1vs1, but not impossible. Actually a very well geared warrior that knows what hes doing, can win often. You have to have a specific strat for each class and be very effective in carrying it out, otherwise you'l suck. Warriors are a class for true warriors. It take a lot of gearing up and constantly learing from different sources, BGs, see others dual, arena, and videos on youtube etc, etc. Its definitely not a PVP class for the casual palyer, actually you have to be pretty dedicated. I do ok, but I am not very good, but I learn from all the sources mentioned above. You have to be very fast and not make mistakes. I mess up a, but at least I know it, so it at least lessens the upset.
Blizz has not finished yet, they are still twinking things. For example, in next patch, you'l be able to use retaliation, recklessness and shield wall in all stance, that will help a litlte bit, it will save us a few precious secconds.
I am not saying that I am happy with not having a fair fight with all classes. If duals are allowed in the game, PVP servers, even some world arenas, where 1vs1 can occur and world PVP, one would think that there would be at least some what of a fair balance.
But on the other hand, Balance druids, shamans and worlocks, don't have it so good neither.
What I don't understand is how can they allow frost mages to be able to spam so much stuff, on such short CDs?, that I say is totally ridiculous, and most classes agree on that.(It makes any baddie look good. lol).

11/06/2010 06:53 AMPosted by Kv
Stop adding mechanics into the game, and fix the ones already there.

For example:
Frost mages (the whole spec) 6 Roots/freezes a spammable ability that hits for more then 1/5th of a persons health pool. @ 85

Warriors. The ONLY class without a CC ability and the ONLY class that requires counterbalances. WHY? Warriors are supposed to be near unstoppable war machines why do i get killed by silly little dead men wearing cow skin with daggers?

Just seriously look at this game its so broken. Blizzard should rename it World of Castercraft.

Consider my subscription cancelled. Lets hope the D3 Dev team isn't as incompetant.

don't worry..everything will be fixed up sooner or later. Just adapt to it and learn your class pvp spec more. Only classes I have trouble with is if they know what they're doing cause everything else is easy as pie. If i said cake it would be a lie
11/06/2010 10:51 PMPosted by Chivø
when you play a warrior you have to press a lot more button to be effective and you have to rely much more on macros.

11/13/2012 12:03 PMPosted by Lightpunk

What was the point of necroing this?
No CC my butt. Stuns = control.

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