Will premades be a thing of the past?

Oh yeah, I just loved being punished for playing with friends back in BC. 1 hour queue times for WSG were a blast.

How dare I try to participate socially in this game! :V :V :V
If you want to play with your friends what stops you from doing rated battlegrounds?

3 people

I detect a disconnect there.
or at least make it so that you can not join a BG queue if you are grouped for the non rated BGs.
Raid groups queuing for rated battlegrounds won't be matched against players queuing for normal battlegrounds.
So, if only 3 or 4 of us from the guild are on, and want to BG together somhow that's unfair? We have to wait for 7 more for a rated BG?

Okay sick of hearing people complain about queues for BG's. Plenty of you who are complaining are people that faction changed off alliance for a "better" pvp experience. Did you not expect to not have as much opposition when there were tens of thousands of people thinking exactly the way you did?

Don't like the queue? Roll alliance to help the balance or don't complain.
can't delete doh
How does the system know if they're on vent or not? It can't. Nothing you can do is deal with it during your pug games. Organise something yourself.
boohoo,. i lost to a premade when pugging... :'(

blizz shouldn't block out people who want to play a more organized game with others on their server who don't want to lose rating in doing so. Asking blizz to block other people so that you can have a lazy game is unreasonable.

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