[Suggestion] Vanishing Powder for Professions

What if when you learned a profession, it worked like a learned glyph in your spell book and you could un-learn/re-learn using some type of Vanishing Powder as with glyphs? Or perhaps by trainer fee?

I only bring this up because statistics currently track how many professions you have learned and recipes you’ve obtained.

What if instead of abandoning and losing a Grand Master Profession and all learned spells, there was some kind of way to still know all of the recipes you’ve learned?

The current rule of only two professions at a time wouldn't change. The only difference would be that once you max a profession, you can "de-activate" the profession or "re-activate" as needed.

For example, You max Skinning and Mining, but find Blacksmithing might be better for your guild. You de-activate Skinning and Learn Blacksmithing. Now, if you ever want to pick up your skinning, you can simply choose Blacksmithing or Mining to de-activate, and re-activate skinning.

How cool would it be to activate engineering only when you PvP (for example) or have gathering skills activated when traveling the world?

Any thoughts?
If you could activate and deactivate them that easily, what would be the point of picking one? You'd essentially have crafting professions in town, and gathering professions as you leveled. Everyone would just have all of them...Need some mats, go out and get them. Need an enchant, just activate it for a bit...

Pretty much what Hark said. The only way I could see this being remotely reasonable is if the devs adding program that kept track of rare recipes (epic and rare world drops, epic raid drops and one time only quest rewards). You'd still have to grind back up from lvl 1 to max but you wouldn't have to go about finding a way to relearn those recipes want you got up high enough to use them again.
there is a soothsayer who resides in a hut north-east of Gadgetzan in Tenaris. i forget what his name is, but i think the place is called "steamwheedle port" or something like that.

you can always go there and "forget" or relearn. It costs money, of course though..... and with all the bugs and removals with 4.0, i don't know if he is bugged... he is still there.

It's been a while since I've used him, so the mechanics on it all might have changed, but i think it still works.... and I think it is his book that does it, and not you.

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