Shattered Halls (N) - Transfer Aborted

Technical Support
This is starting to drive me up a wall. I'm out here grinding Honor Hold rep. Heroic ramparts? No problem. Heroic Blood Furnace? No problem. *Heroic* Shattered Halls? No Problem.
Since I ended up about 800 rep short of exalted, I figured I'd toggle the dungeon to normal difficulty and clear it to finish Honor Hold off.
Except every time I try to zone in, I get "Transfer Aborted: Instance not found."
Doesn't help that occasionally I get a disconnect when attempting to access the instance.
Now, it'd be one thing if it were just *me* but this same thing was happening to my girlfriend (Mmrrggll) about a week ago.
Oh, and I'm not sure why but my client has a habit of crashing while processing log in...
I'm gonna get some friends to come out here and see if they can get in, but really, this is getting kind of annoying.

EDIT: After the second disconnect it finally let me in. after what I estimate as 20 attempted entries. Regardless, I'd still like to know if this is a common thing for this instance lately....and why my client keeps crashing on login.

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