change of heart about healadins

i now aprove of blizzards changes....
i like having more buttons to push and i feel like they finaly got things balanced out and my healing output is back up to the top of the meters.
so no more QQing about pally heals, they r good again, stop it...
(although the whole vomiting holy vomit on pple to heal them.... still dont use that...)
((u know light of dawn AKA HOLY VOMIT))
and i just heard an interesting thing about lay on hansing to make a big big sheild during a fight. about to try this out...
i see light of dawn as more of a shiny cone of cold, but whatever flouts your boat.
Let me first say that I have not played on the beta, and my POV is from live realms.

I respect your opinion, however I disagree. I did want them to add some more complexity and situational skills to our class, however I think they went a little far with it. The problem that caused all of these changes was that paladins were a. easy and b. only tank healers. While Holy is an easy spec to play we weren't just tank healers ... That was more of a mentality than a class / spec thing.

The changes that blizzard made in order to get us out of that niche roll only pushed us back into it.

1. Healers shouldn't have a rotation, they should have things to manage (Shields, Hots, Beacons, etc.) but not a specific rotation to follow. Right now we have a rotation, fitting a Holy Shock in on CD in order to keep our spells at a reasonable cast time because when our single target casts are just under 2 Seconds we can't effectively heal the raid if HoTs / AoE heals / other instants are beating us too it. Long, big, single target heals are most effective on tanks. Haste levels at 85 may or may not fix this.

2. Implementation of new spells was done poorly.
  • Word of Glory: Our only ability, on Live, to consume Holy Power on. This spell is amazing for Prot / Ret / PvP but is nothing special in Holy-PVE. It saves us some mana that we end up spending on our on CD Holy Shocks anyways.

  • Light of Dawn: I love this spell on Live, and Despise the changes that are being made to it on beta. Right now it is amazingly OP and cleans up Infest amazingly, tops off on BQ, and is another instant we can use while moving. On beta it is limited to 5 targets and only heals ~1k per Holy Power. If they leave this spell like it is on live, and adjust the animation it will be gold.

  • Divine Light: Idea was nice, but on Live it is essentially useless. Perhaps give us a Glyph of Holy Light equivalent if they want us to be raid healers.

  • Holy Radiance: Is just kind of silly, especially on a 2 min CD

I think if blizzard wants to get us out of the niche of tank healing then making our casts longer, buffing our single target healing, and giving us a rotation (Seriously, a rotation as a healer is the most absurd thing I have ever heard) is not the way to go, it is actually making us worse healers than before IMO.

Had to cut the post short due to an IRL obligation that snuck up on me. May or may not edit to expand and add to it.

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