Best Hunter leveling spec?

I know hunters are bad and all atm, but I want to level one.

So as the title says, which is the most efficient leveling spec? Preferably PvP friendly as well.
Most efficient could arguably be BM. Reason being your pet does more damage which means they should hold aggro better (having a tenacity pet helps a lot).
A lot of people are really liking SV for leveling. I personally never did it before but it could be worth a shot. The perks people are listing for SV is damage, which could be nice for PVP.

Honestly any spec is perfectly fine for leveling. I've only done MM (I liked the shots it offered at the time). Above all have fun with it! Look through the talents/specs and see what looks good to you :)

See this site for everything hunter pets. It is updated for Cata:
Most of the hunter specs are pretty good in terms of leveling at the moment. SV will give you the most damage while leveling (in dungeons and solo)

BM as said is good due to never losing aggro from your pet. So you'll never have to rest, due to mend pet costing no focus, and having no cool down.

MM is good, as they get a talent that gives them 50 focus whenever you kill an enemy that gives experince, which is pretty useful.

Personally I leveled SV the full way, tried playing with MM, but I didn't enjoy it as much as SV, and I got a lot more damage out of SV.
BM will probably be the most focus efficient, considering how it might be annoying trying to land those steady shots on mobs before they die, but I think by now all three specs look to be pretty effective.
For straight out ease,
- BM with mend pet glyphs in 1major and 1 minor
- get a turtle at level 30 specced into charge,(as you level) improved growl and Thunderclap, put the rest of the points into dps increasing talents
- put shield shell on manual and use it often
- go to town on those elites and group quests.
At 76 glyph misdirect and play around with the other 2 speccs.

edit: oh and hunter's aren't terrible at all. I wish the team that redid hunter's had done pallies as well.
Thank you very much for the feedback. Looks like SV is the more popular spec to go with. Most likely will Dual-Spec into BM later.
BM for sure, once you get Misdirect though marks is slightly faster.
I have survival and marksmanship but this player is saying that marksmanship will give me more damage in dungeons should i got MM or SV?
BM is generaly accepted as the best because as long as you have a tenacity pet like a Bear, Crab and a few others. Then an exotic when you get the end talent it's basically like having your own personal tank. Then when you get MD leveling will become even easier.
So then go survival for PVE? or MM im kinda looking for damage likewise like questing and stuff
Iv heard that survival is good at 85 but MM is good for leveling but im not quite sure what to go with any suggestions?
Seriously, the way old content has been nerfed, you could never spend a single talent point and still level like lightning with ease. There's no such thing as a hard spec. to level a hunter with.

It's silly. It's like asking me "Is it easier to drive to the store in a Ford, Honda or Volvo?" Driving to the store doesn't tax any car's capability, so it's a ridiculous question.

Do you like pets? Play BM.
Do you like big opening burst that hits like a truck? Play MM.
Do you like running around like mad, blowing stuff up and dropping traps all over? Play SV.

Only when you get to current raiding and PvP content does spec. matter. At which point you can read the stickies and reforge as desired.

Any spec works. Hunters have always been the easiest class to level.
with BM, any pet works for leveling. If you have issues with the pet growl failing due to range issues as the mob and the pet cross paths, either have the pet attack before you or use concussive shot. Once the growl hits, you should never pull off the pet if you are doing it right. (arcane shot spam isn't doing it right even if its easy).

Intimidation is useful (and fun!) for both PvP and PvE. I don't think there is any thing more annoying to most classes in PvP than web + Intimidation right after the web wears off.

Oh and at low levels, your pet alone is going to be able to chase down and murder other people without your help. I'm not sure there is anything quite as entertaining as a rogue getting murdered by your pet while you are stunned.
go marksman, level through PvP and get 5k HKs before 40.
Marksman was the spec I went with; I can't imagine it being any easier. Almost too easy, really...
Im goin with MM right now on my alt hunter (lvl 76 now) and I one-shotted mobs all the way up to Northrend, and they still go down in 2-3 shots. I couldnt imagine it being much easier.
I leveled this hunter as BM, but that was before BC came out so it was very good. I am now leveling two other Hunters as MM.
SV to at least 69 if you're going to be doing low level BGs. You get all the support talents 85 MM PvP takes in the SV tree, and you're not stuck with having to use a CC to get off your signature ability, Aimed shot, which can only be hard cast before level 49 and can't be realistically instant cast as !Aimed shot until 53. Marks also doesn't get Chimera until 69, leaving you with Arcane shot and auto shot most of the time (and a much weaker Serpent Sting), while SV gets instant cast Explosive shot, a powerful Serpent Sting, +15% stam (important where there is little resilience) and only loses out on the near worthless for pvp Black Arrow (and you can still proc L&L with your far superior ice trap).

BM doesn't get the beast within until 59, at which point it becomes pretty viable.

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